Beauty Lovers Stocking Filler Ideas 2018*

December 08, 2018

I've got a lot of beauty loving friends and family that love miniature beauty products and smaller items so this year I want to create a little beauty stocking for everyone. I was kindly sent some stocking filler gifts which I'll be filling some of the stockings with.

So for your friend who always has her lashes on...

Kiss products have a large range of lashes and you'd of seen some of them on my pages before, you can read some of my full reviews here and here. Kiss have lots of different styles of lashes from full volume to lengthening to natural; you'll find a set of lashes for any lash fan. This particular set is from the Lash Couture Faux Mink* collection and gives a full lash look with extra volume. You could rock the Christmas party in these and wear them again for New Year's as I usually get quite a few wears from Kiss Lashes. Of course if your gifting these on Christmas day your lucky pal can rock them throughout the big day right through to Boxing day!

Continuing with the Kiss Product love but moving over to the nail addicts...

With Kiss Gel Fantasy* and imPress Nails* sets you cannot go wrong; there's so many styles, colours, stick on options and lengths that you could gift these to a newbie nail fan and they would love these. The imPress Nails are some of my absolute favourite nails mainly because of the easiness of applying and longevity of them. I always get well more than a week from my press on nails plus enough nails for two sets in each box. You can read a full review of imPress nails here.

The Gel fantasy sets are a little more going-out style with being a little longer and this set in-particular is sparkly for the festive season. Once again these would make great stocking filler gifts that can even be worn on Christmas day straight through to Boxing day and how about popping a set on for New Year's too!

Something for the self care fans...

Hempz Beauty is a lovely brand with awesome products that work, I've had the pleasure of sampling some of their products before; head here to have a read. Hempz have got some smaller and perfect sized products for your stocking fillers this season. First off is this handbag friendly sized Blueberry, Lavender & Chamomile moisturiser* which smells beautiful plus leaves a calm and relaxed feeling after applying. The mini bottle would be great for your friend who's always travelling or heading off on weekends away.

Some of your pals might like to relax and they deserve to so Hempz have put a small packet of bath salts* in a gift box and we have another brilliant stocking filler. This is one of my favourites in this list as it looks more like a gift than any of the others in my opinion but of course with a bit of ribbon and a bow you can make anything look festive. These bath salts are the same scent as the moisturiser so together would make a great set too.

I always like to gather smaller and less expensive products for stocking fillers as that's what its all about and these beauty bits are at the right price point, right size and good quality products. You could also create a beauty box for gifts and add lots of smaller items to an old box wrapped in Christmas paper; in my experience people love these thoughtful gifts.

Which products are you wanting in your Christmas stocking this year? 

*Gifted Items - all comments/opinions are my own, see my disclaimer for more information. 

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