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February 07, 2018

Did you know that when it's your birthday month, some brands, businesses and stores will send you a treat? I'll always sign up to a loyalty card in store if one is available and these are a great way of getting Birthday treats. Even signing up to mailing lists with online brands gets you treats too. 

February is my birthday month so I've been getting emails with discount codes, vouchers and reminders since the end of January and I've got loads of other treats to use throughout the month. Carry on reading to find out about the treats I've received this month and how I got them so make sure your signed up to receive these treats before your next birthday. I even received some of them at the back end of January so your birthday starts early, some of them also run until the end of the month so you don't have to use them straight away,

So this year I've received the following... 

Debenhams Beauty Club - Benefit brow wax free + Elizabeth Arden facial free (use within 2 weeks of birthday. 
Basically if you have a Debenhams Beauty club card you can get these treats, I received my email about these treats back in January. I already knew about the brow wax and have used this on previous years but the Elizabeth Arden facial was new knowledge to me this year. I'm booking in for my free Benefit brow wax at the end of the week. 

Paperchase Treat Me card £5.00 to spend - can be used online or instore 
Treat Me is Paperchase's loyalty card and they will reward you with £5.00 to spend on your Birthday. Last year I spent my birthday treat on a weekly organiser pad which was £5 in total so was a complete freebie as I paid nothing. I'm looking forward to seeing what I can pick up this year next week, you can knock the £5.00 off any purchase but if its under £5.00 you don't get any change.

The Body Shop Love Your Body Card £5.00 to spend - can be used online or instore 
Again I have took advantage of this birthday treat on previous years and they will knock the £5 off any purchase or you can just purchase up to £5.00, you do have to be member of their Love Your Body club to receive this treat. 

Ikea Family Card £5.00 voucher
I don’t get to IKEA often but plan on making a trip this month so having an extra £5 to spend is perfect. You’ll need to be an IKEA family member to use this perk, I only received this email on my actual birthday but I've got until the beginning of March to use the voucher. You can print it off at the IKEA family points in stores.

Boots Advantage card - double points all month 
My advantage card gets used weekly so any way to rank up my points is brilliant for me, I can save my points for a bigger purchase throughout the year and I earn double points throughout the whole of February.

House of Fraser Recognition card - double points all month 
I can’t say I use the House of Fraser card often at all but your birthday month is a good time to do so as it’s double points all month. 

Friends of Krispy Kreme card - free doughnut 
Who doesn’t love free food, especially when it’s in doughnut form? If you have a Krispy Kreme card then you’ll enjoy a free doughnut on your birthday. I received my email voucher a week before my Birthday and I picked up my free doughnut 2 days before, you have 2 weeks to grab your free doughnut. 

Hard Rock Cafe - buy one get one free on Entrees 
I actually had my birthday meal at Hard Rock Manchester last year and forgot to use this offer so I won’t make that mistake again. There's a few entree options on the menu too. 

Superdrug Beauty card - Quadruple points for 2 weeks
I received this offer in my inbox a week before my Birthday and the offer runs until a week after my birthday. I shop in Superdrug on a weekly basis so grabbing quadruple points for a couple of weeks is great!

M&S Sparks card - various treats
This year I received two extra offers on my sparks card which was 20% of clothing, beauty and home (one use only) and 10% of food (one use only). These offers still need to be selected on your account for you to use them. You can select them along with your 2 monthly Sparks offers. 

Subway Subcard - free cookie 
Now I know it’s pretty easy to get a free cookie from Subway by filling in the surveys on the back of your receipts but on your birthday month you get a free cookie for being born, enjoy! 

Greggs Rewards App - free sweet treat
If you've got the Greggs reward app you can grab a bunch of rewards in general but on your birthday Greggs add a free sweet treat to the app to use on your next visit.

Most of the online treats are discount codes to use on your next purchases, some have minimum spend limits and some don’t so if you receive any of these make sure you read the t&c’s. 

River Island £5 off a £20 spend

Missguided - 25% off (one use only)

UK Tights - £5.00 e-voucher

Elemis £10 gift card on a £25 spend

Kiko Milano - 15% discount (code valid for 2 months)

MUA Cosmetics - 20% off (one use only)

Benefit Cosmetics - 10% off (one use only)

Love Honey - 20% off (one use only)

USC - 15% off (one use only)

Kerrang Radio - free digital magazine

Beauty Bay - 10% off (code valid for 7days)

Feelunique - 20% off (one use only)

Birchbox - Free gift with your next purchase (must be subscribed to Birchbox). You can grab £5.00 off your first box with my referral link here too.

H&M Club - 25% off on item of your choice


You may be worried that, if you've signed up to all these mailing lists to get the discounts and treats that your inbox may get a little overrun with marketing emails. If I was you, I'd create a new email address specifically for signing up to mailing lists then you can keep all your emails separate and you'll get all the treats sent to one place.

Do you know of any other Birthday treats or freebies? 

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