Heist Studio tights* are a revelation! #Everybodymoves

February 09, 2018

Wearing tights can be troublesome sometimes; when they fall down, roll down over your tummy, don’t fit well or are made from low quality fabric. I’ve struggled previously to find tights suitable for my body shape and to find comfortable tights to wear all day long.

Introducing Heist Tights, I met these guys at last years Curve Fashion Festival; they was showcasing at the show as they were launching a plus size collection. Heist Studios set out to revolutionise underwear, starting with hosiery and after working with 67 women and creating 197 samples, Heist tights was born. With black and nude tights available with no bobbling, perfect and comfortable fits, no seams and no details too small, the tights really are something; they are also available in sizes 4 to 24.

After chatting with the team at Curve, I left my blogger business card with the team and was contacted to sample a pair of their plus size tights; I of course accepted being super excited to try the tights and see what all the fuss was about.

The tights* arrived and I was firstly blown away by the packaging, it had a designer feel to it with a gift box, dust bag and everything had the brands logo on it. I lifted the tights out of the box and was greeted with a super soft feel, almost silky feel and I couldn’t wait to try them on. Heist make their tights with 10 times the typical number of nylon spirals per inch of elastane which makes the tights softer to touch, stretchier and gives the impression of smoother legs plus no bobbling! 

Each pair of tights is stretchy, soft and flexible, as soon as I put on the tights I felt comfortable and that the tights fit me in the right places. The high waistband is one of my favourite parts of the tights, this not only makes me feel slimmer but also holds the tights up without any digging in or discomfort. (There is a lower waistband option if a high one isn't you) The waistband is made with a luxury sportswear technique which means no twisting, won't roll and no digging in. Every time I move whilst wearing my Heist tights the tights move with me, no twisting around my legs, no sagging at the top of my legs and no rolling down my tummy. I can’t get over how comfortable I feel when wearing Heist Tights! They really have revolutionised tights! 

I’ve worn my tights quite a lot so they been in the washing machine (on a delicate setting) a lot too, they wash up beautifully; looking good as new when dried. I keep them in the dust bag when not being worn. Heist suggest to hand wash the tights or put on a delicate wash in the washing machine then to keep them in the dust bag in your drawer, this keeps them free from dust and damage. 

It’s just so wonderful to find a pair of sleek black tights that fit to my body and move with my body. I'm going to purchase a pair of nude tights for the up-coming spring/summer months, these come in an 18 denier so are perfect for wear all year round.

How amazing would it be if Heist Studio did other tight designs in the future, patterned tights maybe?

*PR Sample - all comments/opinions are my own, see my disclaimer for more information. 

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  1. I hadn't heard of this brand before but I love how much thought has gone into this product and the packaging looks fab. One to look into for sure as I live in 120 deniers!

    Ruth // www.ruth-writes.co.uk

    1. Thanks so much for reading Ruth, yes the tights are really well thought of from packaging to the product. Very comfy too so its a win win!
      Gem x

  2. Oh i've never heard of these before but it's such a genius idea!
    I always have the roll down problem so i'll be checking out more of this brand for sure!

    1. I haven't found comfier fitting black tights, and the roll down problem was a huge issue for me in the past. Thanks for reading my post :)
      Gem x


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