What was in my Makeup Revolution's 2nd Birthday Party Goodie Bag?

April 07, 2016

In a recent post I told you about my time at the Makeup Revolution 2nd birthday party in London, read that post here. At the end of that post I told you I received a goodie bag at the end of the night which was filled with products from Makeup Revolution, Freedom Makeup and Superdrug.
The free goodies was in a Makeup Revolution tote bag with the text 'I helped make the Revolution' printed on the front, its a good strong tote that I will using when shopping.

So what was in my goodie bag...?

The first product I lifted out the bag was a Makeup Revolution's Ultra Metals Rose Gold Flawless Powder Brush which you can buy on the MUR website here for £9.99. I already have the Ultra Pointed Crease Eyeshadow Brush so I know the quality is great and the brushes look amazing. The rose gold handle is just flawless and the white bristles make the whole brush look really expensive, I love how soft the brush is too. Using with any loose powder or even a pan powder is really easy, the brush holds loads of product to apply all over your face.

There was two other MUR products in the goodie bag, these was the Rose Gold Lipstick in shade Girls Best Friend which is a bright pink shade and the Pro Hygiene Antibacterial Brush Cleaner Spray.

The Rose Gold lipsticks are a range that I've been wanting to try since they was realised last month, I was particularly looking at the darker shades Private Members Club and Diamond Life which are both purple shades which I'm currently loving. The pink shade I received is super bright and pigmented and is great as a spring/summer shade. The lasting power is good, you can wear it all day and only reapply once or twice after eating and drinking of course.
Now lets talk about the gorgeous packaging, of course the lipsticks have a rose gold case. I think the lipsticks look very high end but with a price tag of just £3.50 they are so affordable, you could buy the whole set of 5 for under £18.00!! Bargain! I really like that the brand is printed on the neck of the lipstick which again makes the product look more expensive and high end.

A brush cleaner is something that I find very useful and if you have makeup brushes you should have brush cleaner. Brushes should be cleaned every week/2 weeks, however we are all guilty of forgetting to wash them or being a bit lazy. Its important to keep brushes clean because they can carry bacteria which you are then putting all over your face, eww! This Pro Hygiene Brush Cleaner Spray is so handy to keep brushes clean and free from bacteria between washes. The spray is as easy to use as any other spray product and instantly sterilises and disinfects your brushes. A couple of sprays onto your brushes and allowing them to dry before using your brushes to apply makeup is all that's needed. This brush cleaner is only £5.00 and because it is a spray the product will last ages!

Freedom Makeup added a couple of products to the goodie bags, one being the Pro Artist Pad - Black Arts which is worth £15.00 (but it's currently on sale at £10.00), the second item was a product I've been wanting to try out but never got round to buying, its the Pro Studio Strobe Cream.

On Freedom's website there are currently 2 Pro Artist Pads available this Black Arts pad and the Studio to Go which comes in a pink case. Both palettes remind me of an iPad hence the name 'pad' they are a quirky makeup product with 48 eyeshadow shades to use inside and a large mirror. The mirror is in the lid and just like an actual iPad case it folds up as a stand meaning you can sit this on your dresser and use the mirror to apply the shadows at ease. As for the pigmentation of the eyeshadows as usual with Freedom products they are high quality and sit on the eye lids all day especially with the use of a primer underneath. Personally I would always keep this palette at home for use and not use it for travelling, only because of the size of the pad. If you was only using these shades for the duration of your travels I would say take it but I like to have a variety so would prefer to take smaller products so I have a good choice. 

Strobe creams are new to me, I am just getting on the strobe train and starting to use/try out liquid highlighters. This strobe cream can be used all over the face under foundation or on top of it or applied to certain areas of the face for added highlights; for example I like to apply it to the tops of my cheeks and build up the shade as a strong highlight when needed.
The cream is easy to blend in and leaves a subtle glow unless built up with more product. The tube is quite big especially comparing it to other brands strobing cream products.

I talked about the Colourless/ColourOn table in my event post and how I'd love to test out some of their products. This Honey Blonde Hair Toner was in my goodie bag which is great, however with me having dyed red hair it is no use to me. I love the brands packaging though; with the simple illustration on the front and colours that match the shade of the product, the text on the box is clear and easy to read too. I'd love to test out a red hair toner in the future!

Lastly in the goodie bag was a few items from Superdrug who is partnered with Tam beauty to sell MUR, I heart Makeup, Freedom Makeup and Colourless products in their stores. In my event post I told you a bit about the Superdrug items that was on display that night.

In total Superdrug put 4 items in my goodie bag, there was a mix of products including; B. Pure Sensitive Micellar Cleansing Wipes, LASH Eyelashes Volume Edition #21, Dragonfruit & Vanilla Shower Cream and Solait Self Tan Mousse.

Like I said there is a full mix of products but there is only 1 that I won't use which is the self tan mousse because the shade is medium to dark and I am quite pale, I would be better with a light shade of tan to try out.
The B. Pure wipes are great, my skin can have sensitive moments and I already use micellar water to remove my makeup so having wipes at hand save a little bit of time and are good for popping in your bag for on the go.

The shower cream smells amazing, it's so fruity and one of my favourite scents is vanilla so anything with vanilla in I love. You can't go wrong with a shower cream, squeeze some out and clean away, this cream and all the Superdrug items are cruelty free too.

Me and lashes have a love/hate relationship mainly because I have so much trouble trying to apply them, then they sometimes feel funny on my eyes and I end up taking them off anyway. I have a few pairs and this pair that I haven't used yet but will get round too. I love the look of this pair because they look like they are going to add lots of volume and they are quite thick so I think they would add colour and make my lashes look dark.

I am so happy with my goodie bag and the contents is so generous from each company, thank you very much to Makeup Revolution, Freedom Makeup, ColourOn and Superdrug!

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  1. I'm so jealous! You got so many great products :) - such a generous goodie bag.


    1. It really was a good selection. Thanks for reading hun.


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