Be Comfortable in your Tights*

December 09, 2018

Sometimes all you need is a good outfit to change your mood... and that's exactly what I have here with this colourful, sassy and comfortable number. I'd say the majority of my wardrobe is black but I do like to throw in some colour and when I do I think bright and wonderful.

Recently UK Tights got in touch and were kind enough to send me a couple of pairs of *Pamela Mann's new Specialist Tights for the Curvy Figure. I was really excited to get the tights to try them on after having had trouble finding comfortable and good fitting tights in the past. I actually really like Pamela Mann as a brand and UK Tights are absolutely wonderful in delivering the best quality brands on their site.

UK Tights have many colours in stock of these super-stretch tights that actually fit in all the right places, from the first time putting them on I was impressed and felt like I could move around freely; not worrying about my tights falling down around my waist or between my legs. Instead the stretch technology allows for full movements, comfort and a fantastic style! This pair is the Cerise colour and I also have the Charcoal to wear throughout winter with all my favourite skirts and dresses.

I went out after receiving the tights and picked out the perfect outfit to go with the Cerise pair. Primark's Autumn/Winter ranges have been amazing this year and they recently released a collection with Stacey Solomon, I was instantly drawn to the leopard print dot skirt. It's a little flowy than I would usually go for but I absolutely love the print and the green background colour is beautiful. Pairing it with the £4.00 slogan tee also from the collection, the tee makes a statement saying 'Living my best Life'. The Cerise tights contrast the green skirt and completely stand out in the best way possible!!!

Of course adding more Leopard print is a Gem thing to do and everyone pretty much knows that now, I picked up these basic boots also from Primark and thought what the hell with it; I will wear what I want and how I want it. Lastly with the cold weather and the Pamela Mann tights keeping my legs warm I added a good old coat that I picked up last year from LOTD; pretty sure this was was a sale pick up too.

So I am going to be basically living in these tights all winter and I'm sure I can find some more colourful pieces of clothing to pair them with.

*Gifted Item - all thoughts/opinions are my own, see my disclaimer for more information. 

Photography by @Precidesigns 

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