imPRESS Press-on Manicure* lasted me 2 weeks!!! #KISSNAILS

August 07, 2017

imPRESS Nails are a KISS (bring the salon home) brand, KISS is the worlds largest distributor of professional nail products. They were the first company to bring professional-quality artificial nails and nail art products straight to the consumers to use at home. imPRESS nails was a new generation of press-on nails in 2012 when they launched and introduced new designs in 2013 after being so successful.

I was kindly sent a couple of packs of the imPRESS nails to sample and review. I've been wearing one set for 2 weeks now and only just removed them. The designs I was sent was lovely; one was the *'Power Up' set which is a dark plum shade with gold glitter contrast, this is the set I've been wearing. The other set was *'Symphony', a summer pink colour with striped detail, I'll be popping these on next. 

The nail application can't be any easier, you simply find the correct size nail to fit yours, pull back the adhesive film then press firmly onto your natural nail. The adhesive is safe to use on your natural nails and doesn't cause any damage, I personally haven't seen any damage to any of my nails after removal. The removal of the nails is as easy as the application, each nail is very flexible and with a little pull the nails peal of at ease. I was able to clean any left over glue from my nails with warm soapy water. 

This particular set of nails came in a square like shape but other designs are available including oval. I really like that these nails aren't too long and they are super comfortable to wear; they feel just like my natural nails when being worn. I am able to do everything I would normally do which is great as some false nails can pop off when doing everyday things. 

It's been 2 weeks well 13 days since I put these nails on and have only taken them off because my natural nails had grown underneath. I found that I was able to file the press-on nails down where I needed as well so I was treating them as my own nails. A tougher nail file did work best but a regular grade file worked as well. 

Whilst wearing the nails I had many compliments from people who thought they was my own nails that had gel applied too so they really did look natural and professional. I never felt as though the nails was loose or starting to fall off, they was well and truly stuck on until I removed them myself. 

For the price of these nails I think they are amazing value for money, nail polish doesn't last 2 weeks and doesn't stay looking fresh and shiny for that amount of time either so if you after a gel nail look I would highly recommend these KISS imPRESS press on manicure nails. 

You can pick up imPRESS nails in Superdrug and Asda for £7.99 each. 

*PR Samples - all thoughts/comments are my own, see my disclaimer for more info.

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  1. These nails look utterly stunning on you gorgeous girlie, I'm adoring the beautiful purple hue contrasted with the glittering gems, out of this world pretty! It's so brilliant they were long lasting and stayed shiny for two weeks, such amazing value and longevity. The plum shade is all the magical and I love that the shimmer sparkles so beautifully alongside the deeper colour. Symphony looks totally blissful too, such a pretty name and the punchy pink and summery stripes will be so pretty on you! I can't wait to see you slaying Symphony for sure! You rock nails like no other, every colour, design and dazzling jewel detailing is always perfection on you angel 😍

    Sophie | soinspo xo


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