Through the Looking glass with Lindy Bop

July 22, 2017

For anyone that knows me, they know how much I love Alice in Wonderland from the book to the film to character merchandise to even limited collections. Lindy Bop recently sent me a new dress to review and it was Alice themed!!! Can you believe it? The *Audrey Alice Through the Looking Glass swing dress has a green background with a glorious Alice print all around the skirt featuring Alice herself, Cheshire Cat and the White Rabbit. I screamed a little when I opened the parcel and saw the print!

I wanted to pick a new location to shoot this dress in and a couple of weekends ago me and some friends took a trip to Blackpool 'the wonderland of the north'. Blackpool has so much to offer for it's visitors from the Pleasure Beach, Blackpool Tower, 3 Piers and lots of tourist attractions. We made the trip to Blackpool because Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Con-tour van was there that weekend giving out samples of their new Quickie Con-tour Stick and sticks of candy rock. The van was step up right next to Coral Island, one of my favourite places in Blackpool and had a face in the hole beach theme set up, we had to take a photo and upload it to socials to be given the sample.

The sun was shining and because it was a Sunday there was a car show on the front so we headed over to check it out, we thought it was a great idea to shoot some shots in front of one of the cars, the green Mustang drew us all in, it was shining in the sun and looked absolutely fabulous; everyone was stopping to have a closer look. There was also a Volkswagen Hippie Van that of course I have to have my photo taken with, it even had the extending roof; one day I will own a hippie van and travel around in style.

I totally forgot my lipstick :(

Looking closer into the dress's print you can see all the details, theres little garden signs saying 'That way', 'Yonder' and 'Down' making me think about the Alice in Wonderland stories so much more. The flowers and sketch-style illustrations draws me in even more, every time I look at this dress I see something new. I love the style of the design, it reminds me of book illustrations, it's so creative! Not only do we have our favourite characters in the dress print but the check boarder print and playing card symbols bring in the Red Queen character without actually having an illustration of her. The flowers in the dress go right up to the waistline and continue onto the bodice showing more of the beautiful green colour.

I was happy to find a belt included with the dress, the purple PU belt breaks up the dress and adds more of a vintage look to the style, the dress has two belt loops which hold the belt in place around my waist. The floaty skirt is my favourite part of the dress, it moves with me and can be worn with an underskirt to dress the look up, this would also enhance the print. What's even better, a lot of Lindy Bop dresses come with pockets in the side seam and this one has them, who doesn't love a dress with pockets? I certainly do, I'm never without my phone so having hidden pocket in the dress gives me somewhere to put my phone and other little bits.

The Looking Glass theme was perfect with my vanity mirror tattoo on my arm, we got some shots showing the dress with my tattoo as well. Personally my tattoos make me feel more myself and I can express myself through them, it's been too long since my last one so I must book in again soon; I've got some ideas in mind already. I paired the dress with an old pair of TUK's that have been in my shoe collection for some years but I get them out from time to time and wear them with dresses or jeans. I thought the pink detail and heart shaped lace loops went well with the dress print because theres pink florals in the print and theres also little heart illustrations. TUK shoes are really comfortable and I wear a black pair for work so they are good for being on your feet for a long time and walking around easily.

Since it was a sunny and warm day in Blackpool I didn't need a jacket but I would pair this dress with a cardigan or my usual faux leather jacket because that goes with everything!

Lindy Bop have got loads of new dresses online and theres even a sale going on so head over to their website and check out the bargains! Keep an eye out on my socials for a review of their floral sneakers too, I can already tell you they are cute and comfy.

*PR Sample - all thoughts/opinions are my own, see my disclaimer for more info. 

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