My first Influenster UK Vox Box #MaxFactorMakeup

September 05, 2017

Influenster has now hit the UK and I was lucky enough to receive one of the first Vox Boxes to sample and review for free. Influenster is an community of savvy shoppers who review, talk about, photograph and share opinions about the latest trends and products. The app is really easy to use and fun too, I've collected 8 badges so far and I'm on my way to earning more.

I was selected to receive the first UK *Max Factor Vox Box, inside the box there was three items including an Universal Lip Liner, a Colour Elixir Lipstick and a Honey Lacquer; they all had the Max Factor look and feel and I couldn't wait to try them out.

I'll be honest I haven't used much Max Factor makeup in the past but always remember seeing it in my mums makeup bag and I did think brand marketed more to mature customers but my view has slightly changed since sampling these three products.

*Universal Lip Liner - £4.99
This has got to be one of the best lip products I've used, so versatile and easy to use, its a stable in my makeup bag now. This liner is suitable for everyone no matter what skin tone you have, what shade of lipstick you wear or how experienced you are with makeup; it should be in everyones makeup bag. The liner is a transparent product that lines the lips which helps keep lipstick from bleeding or smudging and because its transparent you can use it with every shade of lipstick you have and any finish. I've used a similar product from another brand in the past but really like this Max Factor liner because it has a creamy texture and gilded onto my lips smoothy. I would definitely repurchase in the future.

*Colour Elixir Lipstick in shade Pearl Maron 36 - £7.99
The Colour Elixir lipstick is really creamy and has a pretty shine to it when being worn, I feel like the product is nourishing my lips as well which is a plus point. The colour works great with my skin tone but I think a lot of people could pull this shade off as its a good all rounder. The lipstick's packaging has a gold elegant lid with a clear bottom showing the lipstick shade, inside the barrel is gold matching the lid and the Max Factor logo is embossed on the lipstick itself; it all has a glam feel and look to it. I applied this lipstick after using the universal lip liner and it applied easily using the bullet alone and no brush, the longevity was brilliant and it held up well after eating and drinking; I could happily wear this lipstick everyday!

*Honey Lacquer in shade Honey Rose - £9.99
This lip product is sort of a three in one; it is suppose to smooth onto your lips like a balm, shine like a gloss and have the colour of lipstick. I think it definitely does two of these, that being shines like a gloss and has the colour of lipstick however I found it didn't glide onto my lips as easily as I would of wanted it too. The lacquer is a little sticky and thick so I had to get used to working with it to apply a full coat onto my lips. The shade was nice to look at but didn't work well with my skin tone, a lot of pale lip shades don't work for me but there are other shades I can find in this product. If you want a shiny gloss look with the colour of lipstick then this is the product for you however it ca be a little sticky to apply so could take some getting used to.

I have enjoyed sampling these Max Factor products and my view of brand has changed too, before testing these lip products, I thought of Max Factor as a maturer brand and wouldn't even look at the makeup stand in stores but now I can see they have lots of lip shades and colours that aim at every aged customer; I will be checking out the Max Factor stand in the future especially for the Colour Elixir Lipsticks and Universal Lip Liner! All the products are available to buy at Boots now.

*I was sent these items for free by Influenster to sample and review.

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  1. This sounds great seeing as you got to review products from such a well-known brand! I LOVE the shade of honey lacquer you reviewed too!

    Ruth //

    1. Thanks lovely, yeah I was so pleased to receive the box, it was great to sample a brand I haven't used much too, thanks for reading :)
      Gem x


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