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August 31, 2017

The lovely team at Very recently sent me some NYX cosmetics lip products to review, Very are not only an online store for clothing and electrical's but they also have beauty and makeup items. You can see the full range of beauty items here. I personally find the Very website really easy to use and order from, I recently bought a new camera using their credit options which meant I was able to afford my new camera sooner. There are plenty of ways to shop at Very and you can do it all from your sofa, bed or even whilst on the move.

Very sent me 4 lip products to try including 2 lip lingerie's, 1 cosmic metals and 1 soft matte lip cream. All the shades are looked lovely, I can wear the lip lingerie in shade 'French Maid' during the day or as a nude lip look on a night out, the metal shade 'Ultraviolet' when I'm going for a full colour bold look and the matte lip cream 'Prague' is a really good all rounder; it's also super comfortable to wear.

*Lip Lingerie in shades 'French Maid' and 'Silk Indulgent'

Both shades are lovely in their own way however I've truly fell in love with the 'French Maid' shade, this looks like a brown-like nude shade in the tube but has purple tones when applied to my lips; it's looks fab with my silver coloured hair at the moment. 'Silk Indulgent is a little too light in colour for me and washes me out so it's not a shade that I will wear again. The lip lingerie range is a nude/neutral collection but theres a shade for every skin tone and for everyones makeup needs, I wouldn't of actually chosen the 'French Maid' shade myself but I'm super happy I've been able to try it and am confident in giving some other shades ago too. All of the lip lingerie products come with an easy to use applicator, its a long shape with a flat edge; you can use the tip to line your lips then fill them in with the flat side. They really are easy to use, once applied the product dries matte and stays put; I did have to reapply/touch up after eating but that wasn't a problem at all. I found the lingerie shades to be really comfortable to wear and I could hardly feel anything on my lips once dried. French Maid has took a permanent location in my handbag now too!

*NYX Cosmic Metals in shade Ultraviolet

Talk about a bold and statement shade, this lip cream has some serious metallic vibes which are so on trend right now. Purple is my favourite colour so I was super happy to find a purple lipstick in the parcel. The Cosmic Metals collection is all about metallic shades with a gloss like finish and all the glistening lips you could ask for. Ultraviolet is a bold purple shade and really stands out on my lips, I think it would stand out on anyones lips to be honest. I wore this on a night out and everyone was looking at my lips and asking what lipstick it was, you can't miss this shade trust me. The application was smooth and did feel gloss like but it wasn't super sticky, I'd say more like a shine gloss than wet look. The applicator is similar to the lip lingerie's but has more of a curve to the wand, again you can use the tip to line the lips then fill in with the flat side. One glide of this lip cream is enough though and no touch ups was needed throughout my night out. Ultraviolet may not be your everyday lipstick shade but it sure is a keeper!

*Soft Matte lip cream in shade Prague

I've tried NYX lip creams in the past and love my Copenhagen shade but I think I now have a new favourite, Prague is a beautiful pink/fuchsia shade that really adds a pop of colour to my pale skin tone. I love the feel of these lip creams on my lips and they smell amazing, Prague has a sweet scent which you just want to eat. I've been wearing this shade alternatively with the lip lingerie French Maid as an everyday lipstick, its super easy to swipe on and hardly ever needs reapplying. The lip cream smooths on my lips and again one application is all that's needed, the wand applicator is a little smaller than the others but this may be because the tube is also smaller. The smaller wand doesn't make applying any harder and the shape is the same so lining and filling in the lips is a breeze. I'd say this is one of the most comfortable lipsticks I've ever worn, I forget I'm wearing it and I can easily fit this tube in my bag or pocket.

The NYX brand has pretty much everything you could want from a makeup brand and so many options when it comes to lipsticks, shades and finishes and the fact that you can buy them all online from Very.co.uk makes it all the more appealing!

Thanks to the Very team for sending these over for me to sample and review, I loved finding some new shades and products to add to my makeup collection.

*PR Samples - all thoughts/comments are my own, see my disclaimer for more information. 

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  1. I'm in love with that metallic colour! Love the swatches xo

    Kimberley // thecolourchronicles.com

    1. The purple is lush!!! So bold! Thanks girl, want to get creative with my swatches :)
      Gem x


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