An Interview with Lindy Bop's Garment Technologist at London Edge

September 08, 2017

On Sunday I attended my second London Edge Trade show as a blogger, after February's show I was able to work with Lindy Bop and a few other brands. I spoke to the Lindy Bop team before the show and we decided to conduct a short interview whilst at the show on Sunday, I put posts out on social media to ask everyone for their questions and added a few of my own questions in there too.

I headed over to the Lindy Bop stand which was situated at the top of the stairs, the stand was filled with dresses, clothing, bags and shoes from the Autumn / Winter collection; I had a look through and found some amazing pieces that I must get my hands on.

Sophie is the garment tech at Lindy Bop and was of course dressed in a gorgeous Lindy Bop dress from the upcoming collection, she looked lovely! We had a little chat then got started with the interview.

Question 1 - "How would you describe the Lindy Bop style?"

Sophie - "The Lindy Bop style to me is; fun, flattering and feminine. It's a nod of the head to the classic eras of 1940's and 1950's but with a Lindy Bop twist. They are the dresses that people want and love!

Question 2 - "What's your favourite Autumn / Winter pieces and can you show us?"

Sophie -"ooooo theres so many to choose from" -laughs-

"Well I'm wearing Magnolia which I love, we also have the Caite Deer jumper which is showcasing on the catwalk today as well. This beautiful floral dress is Brett, the pleat detail on the bodice is lovely. We have the Maybelle dress in Smoke which is a two piece; it's very elegant and can be worn with or without the jacket and lastly we have the Sabina dress from the Silver Screen range which is very Hollywood glamour; perfect for events and parties."

Question 3 - "Is there anymore events coming up that Lindy Bop will be at?"

Sophie - "Yes, next week we are at Curve Fashion Festival in Liverpool, I'm really excited about it as it's our first time at this event. We will have lots of new A/W pieces for people to check out and you can sign up to the mailing list on the day."

Question 4 - "What's life like working at Lindy Bop?"

Sophie - "-smiling- It's fun, everyday is different at Lindy Bop. I also enjoy working at trade shows and events like London Edge because its an opportunity to speak to the customers in person and get feedback from them. We're all friends in the office too so we have a laugh. This really is my dream job!!"

Question 5 - "What's next from Lindy Bop?"

Sophie - "Spring / Summer will bring lots of pastels, floral's and some really girly and fun pieces. We've done another take on the book shelf print which is perfect for Halloween and we've got lots and lots of new bags, purses, satchels and shoes coming soon and look out for something mini next year!"

Kirsty on Facebook asked - "Do you do custom designs?"

Sophie - "No we don't but we just ran a competition to design your own dress so this would be a great opportunity to get a custom design; we will be running another design competition in the future so look out for that. Also our design team are always open to suggestions and design ideas so feel free to email them"

Sandra on Facebook asked "How are your designs chosen? and Do you make anything else with your designs on other than clothing?"

Sophie - "Our design team do research and design the pieces then our M.D chooses the final designs to go through to the sample stage. Designs are then chosen from the samples to go into production and on sale."

Sophie (second question) - "Yes, we have just started doing cushions which we are really excited about as we have used some of our favourite prints and catered these to fit onto the cushion cases; my personal favourite is the Corgi print."

Heidi on Facebook asked - "Will you be doing any other homeware items since you now have cushions available?"

Sophie - "Yes, yes, yes ... keep your eyes pealed!"-excited smiles-

Nat on Twitter asked - "Will you ever do a Men's range?"

Sophie - "It's something to consider but we have no plans for it at the moment however our team is always open to ideas and suggestions."

Cat on Facebook asked - "What size do Lindy Bop go up too and do you carry all sizes in each style?"

Sophie - "Our clothing comes in sizes 8 to 26 although we now have some select pieces coming in a size 28 so watch this space. Some of our wiggle dresses only go up to a size 22 but if we see a demand for bigger sizes in these, we will try and cater for them."

It was really interesting to learn a bit more about the Lindy Bop brand from one it's team members and see the new Autumn / Winter collection in person. This is the first interview I've conducted and it was really fun to do, even the prep beforehand was enjoyable; I'll definitely be looking at doing more interviews in the future.

Is there anything else you would of had me ask Sophie in the interview? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. I have a few Lindybop dresses & they're so well made. Absolutely love looking at all the beautiful pieces on their website. Definitely don't have occasion to wear them on very often though, maybe I just need to make occasion!

    1. You should definitely make an occasion Rach, they truly are beautiful dresses. I really can't wait for the Halloween themed dresses, I want one for October :) Thanks so much for reading doll.

      Gem x


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