Benecos It-Pieces palette... It's refillable!

October 12, 2019

*gifted - all thoughts/opinions/experiences are my own, see my disclaimer for more information* 

Don’t you hate it when you hit pan on your favourite eyeshadow in a palette? 

Or do you only use a few shades within a palette? 

Benecos has a solution! ----------------------- Two words “Refillable Palette” 

Now I know refillable palettes aren’t new to the market within the beauty world or unheard of but Benecos has some if not many advantages. One being Benecos are cruelty free and made with natural ingredients plus are suitable for Vegans. 

From the beginning you can choose what shades go into your It-palette, you have a choice of eyeshadow shades, compact powder, highligher, contour, bronzer and blushers. Creating your own perfect palette is easy, just choose your shades, it can be a mix of products or all one type of product then pop these in the palette which is super easy to fill. Unlike other refillable palettes I have seen and used this one has a pull out section for you to slide the powers in; this also makes it accessible to remove the pans once they are empty. 

Secondly, the palette is small enough for travelling with or even popping in your handbag. You can either fit in 8 eyeshadow shades, or 4 eyeshadow plus your contour and highlight or keep it as a face palette (this would be great for handbags; from office to bar I hear you say) There are numerous possibilities with this Benecos palette, if you don't want to choose from the get-go, Benecos has created two pre-built palettes called 'Freaking Hot' and 'Pretty Cold' to get you started. 

The fact that any of the shades are refillable makes it easy to just replace what you need so in the long run saving you money and your being more sustainable and eco-conscious which is always a good thing. You’ve got no need to buy a whole new palette, just the shades you need.

As for the quality of the makeup, the eyeshadows especially have great pay off and with the use of a primer (which I always use before applying eyeshadow) they are really long lasting, I can definitely go to work then out for drinks afterwards without having to top up my eyeshadow. My eyeliner holds well over the top of these powers too. 

The contour and highlight shades are good for building up the colour. I like to apply a little then add more where needed, the contour is in shade 'Ash' and for during the day I can apply lightly then add more to hit the bars during the evening. Same goes with the highlight, a little leaves a subtle glow but can be built up for that glow for days look. There are two shades of highlight to choose from; shooting star which is the shade I went for and gold-dust which is a warmer shade. 

So I think the only question is, which shades will you go for?

You can buy a Benecos palette and refills here

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