Can a Satin Pillowcase help your skin and hair?

October 11, 2019

*This post contains a GIFTED item, all thoughts/opinions/experiences are my own, see my disclaimer for more information.*

Satin is a smooth, sleek and shiny fabric that is used for a lot of clothing garments and accessories but not only can satin make you look good... it help your skin and hair to look and feel good too! 

Introducing the Morning Glamour Satin Pillowcase which comes in an array of colours like pink, silver, black plus a few printed designs like leopard print and floral; you can buy the pillowcases in singles or pairs depending on your preference. 

I bet your thinking what can a satin pillow case do for my skin and hair?

Well sleeping on a satin pillowcase has a lot of advantages including; preventing sleep wrinkles that can appear as we age, it can help to reduce hair loss, breakage and matting so you wake up with less birds nest hair and more smooth princess hair and because silk is non-absorbent it won’t soak up your face creams and other beauty products; keeping your skin and hair moisturised whilst you sleep. 

I definitely don't want my skin care products to go to waste so the fact that this satin pillowcase is non-absorbent and doesn't soak up any moisture or product means I am getting the most out of my products too. This is the same for my hair, the pillowcase will not dry my hair out but help keep moisture in keeping my hair glossy and healthy.

Although my hair is only chin length it still gets super knotty throughout the night and I have to wrestle with it in the morning which isn’t ideal on busy work mornings. I’ve been sleeping on this satin pillow for a few weeks now and can actually say that my hair brush smooths through my hair in the mornings now! I can’t believe a pillow case has helped with my matted morning hair; who would of thought? 

Each of Morning Glamour’s Satin pillowcases have a pocket flap which ensures the case doesn’t move on your pillow whilst you sleep. The case fits standard pillows measuring 20” x 26” and is available to purchase from Makeup Box LDN’s website here

Once you've got that Satin Pillowcase in your basket on the Makeup Box LDN site, have a look for the Lilibeth Brow Shaper. This is one of my essential beauty tools that I use regularly to tame my brows. 

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