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March 10, 2019

*This post contains a GIFTED/SAMPLE item, all thoughts/opinions are my own, see my disclaimer for more information.

Ever wish for perfect brows everyday? Smooth skin to apply your makeup too? Less facial hair? The *Brow shaper tool by Lilibeth New York can help with all these wishes. The tool is sold as a brow shaping tool but has so many more uses than just that however shaping my brows has never been easier. I’ll break down the tools best uses here, tell you how to use the tool and where to buy from.

Brow Shaping - I use to go get my brows waxed every month which cost me around £15.00 each time but when money is tight I started to look for other options. A brow shaping tool can give me a shaped brow and smooth skin all without any pain! No wax, no threading, no products needed, just the Lilibeth brow shaper tool. The tool comes in loads of different colours and patterns but they all work the same, the blade is folded into the handle for safety when not in use and this makes it perfect for travelling too. Although care must be taken when using the tool as it does have a blade on it, using the tool is pain free and easy; to start I place the tool under my brow then gently glide the blade across my skin to remove any stray hairs and give my arch a tidy. I will then do the same with the upper part of my brow, not forgetting the outer edge of my brows as a few pesty hairs grow there. I always tend to move the tool downwards and outwards away from my eye of course. Trimming the middle of my brows could not be easier and with how quickly this hair removal method is I can keep on top of my brows daily if I wanted. My top tip with using the tool to shape your brows is to take your time until you are used to the tool, do a small section then move onto the next until you have got the technique down to a tee and your brows looking on point!

Dermaplaning - This is not something I used to do or get done until I started using these types of tools. I cannot stress enough how smoothly my foundation goes on after dermaplaning my face. If you don’t know what dermaplanning is, it’s basically using this tool to remove dead skin cells and peach fuss from your skin leaving a smooth and fresh base to work on. I’ve also found that my skin reacts better to my skin care products after dermaplanning. Using the tool I gently glide it across my face in small sections, you can literally see the dead skin flaking off sometimes, unwanted hair be gone with it too. I'm left with smooth skin, fresher looking skin and amazing results!

Hair Removal - Your whole face has hair on it but some areas can be more prominent and I certainly don’t want to bring attention to my upper lip hair especially since I have naturally dark hair. Using the brow shaper tool I can remove any unwanted hair from my upper lip easily and quickly, again because of the quickness of this tool I can keep on top of my upper lip everyday if needed. I tend to use the tool on my upper lip around once a week though which works well for me but everyone is different. The tool glides over the skin easily and trims any hairs in its way without any irritation or pain; I do tend to apply my moisturiser after using the tool for this method as it just like the dermaplaning method. The tool can also be used on other areas of the body like the back of your neck, bikini line and fingers/toes, it’s literally a wonder tool!

My first Lilibeth brow shaping tool lasted me around 6 months although they suggest you should replace your tool every 2 to 3 months. To keep the blade in top condition, make sure to wipe the tool clean with a dry cloth after each use and always fold the blade back into the handle; storing it out of damp areas like the bathroom is also a good idea. I tend to keep mine in my makeup bag so it’s always handy.

You can pick up a brow shaping tool from Instant Beauty Fix for just £7.49 or buy a 2 pack for £14.95. I’ve already saved money by using the brow tool instead of going for my usual wax each month.

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