Glam Fantasy! New Styles from Kiss Nails

September 18, 2019

[These products were Gifted to me, I was under no obligation to write a review. All thoughts/opinions/experiences are my own, see my disclaimer for more information.]

Now we all know I love Kiss Nails and wear them most of the time so when there are new styles to try, I get super excited! 

Recently I received some new styles from Kiss, these are the Kiss Gel Fantasy and Glam Fantasy styles. I tend to wear these style of longer nails when I’ve got an event on or I am going out somewhere. The past couple of weeks have been hectic but I’ve managed to get a couple of the sets worn and I can’t wait to wear the last set from the three I received; I’m saving these for my next blogger event or even Halloween. 

All of the Kiss nails I've used have been easy to apply and with these sets you get two options on how to apply; sticky tabs or nail glue. I always go for the sticky tabs as I find these last longer for me personally; they have a little more flexibility than nail glue which dries hard. However nail glue is great to use when the tabs have ran out or for for nail-ergenies on the go.

Tips for applying and looking after your nails...

  • Read the instructions if it’s your first time applying and take your time to apply. 
  • Prep your nails!! Never miss this step. Prepping includes; cleaning, filing, moisturising and cuticle care. 
  • Match your nails to the correct styles all at once instead of applying one and finding the next size. I match the sizes up then line them up in pairs ready to apply. 
  • Start from your little fingers, apply from the outer side of your hand, leaving your thumbs until last. 
  • Apply before bed as this is the longest time you’ll not get your hands wet for, I find my nails last longer when I apply before bed. 
  • And finally, carry some spare nail tabs or glue in your bag for any nail emergencies; as you never know. 

Within each box of nails I get 2 full sets to use with some left over to spare, I save all these spares up and create a new set with mix of mis-matched styles so nothing goes to waste. You can create your own nail styles using a few sets of spares. 

As these styles are longer than the impress style, I get around one week of wear from them. During wear, they feel secure on my own nails, look fantastic and it’s easy to switch them up after the week to another set. 

These new styles and more are available now from Superdrug stores and online

Let me know which styles you go for? 

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