Anti-Imperfection Peel Off Mask from The Body Shop Review

August 20, 2019

-Disclaimer; I was invited to an in-store event to see the new product before it launched, I did purchase the face mask to try for myself and give my honest opinion on it.-

It's new launch time at The Body Shop today, they've added a new product into the Tea Tree range and it's a first of it's kind product for Body Shop so they are pretty excited about it. Last Wednesday I was kindly invited to my local store in the Arndale Centre, Manchester to see the new product before it launched. This was all very exciting as I knew nothing about the product before attending and got to have a sneak peek prior to launch. 

Upon arrival to the store, I was greeted with a drink and then met some new bloggers from Manchester; these events are great to network and find new blogger pals. We all swapped Instagram handles and chatted away about what we blog about. 

The main purpose of the event was to see this new product so the lovely Holly got the group together and gave us a little presentation on the new launch. The Body Shop have launched a 'Anti-Imperfection Peel off mask' into the Tea Tree range and it's been a long time since a new product has been added into this range. I personally use some of the Tea Tree range in my skincare routine including the 3 in 1 face scrub, wash and mask and the essential tea tree oil; I was pretty excited to try this new mask. 

Holly told us all about the product and that they use community trade tea tree oil from Kenya to create this product, it's a Vegan formula and in 100% recyclable packaging. We were then shown how to use the mask and got to try a little on the back of our hands. Once you have taken the lid off the tub, you will see a little line in the tub, fill it with water to this line and start to mix the product up. Once mixed into a smooth consistency, apply straight away using either your fingers, a silicone brush or spatula then sit and relax whilst the mask starts to clear your skin, decongest your pores and mattify. It's quite a fun process, you'll feel like your making the mask yourself then you feel great after with yourself and your skin. 

After we had all sampled the mask on the back of our hands, had a play around with the product and took a load of photographs, the Body Shop staff treated us to some hand and arm massages and skincare consultations. I declined the massage due to my sore wrist but got some sound advise on my skincare routine and what order products should be applied to get the best results for my skin type. 

I picked up a Peel off Tea Tree mask for myself as we were able to purchase a mask after the event, these are priced at £5.00 each but you could definitely get two masks out of it however they would have to be done at the same time. I think these would be perfect for Pamper Parties! 

On the weekend I decided to have a pamper evening and tried the tea tree mask for myself. Mixing up the product was fun and easy to do, I used a silicone brush to do this then used the brush to apply the product to my face and under my chin then chilled out for 10 to 15 minutes until the mask was dry. Peeling off was not like a sheet mask but came off in stages, this isn't an issue for me as this is normal for a peel off mask. My skin felt instantly refreshed with the scent of tea tree still on my skin, personally I thought my skin looked clearer and my blemishes less red straight away. Over the next few days I found my blemishes reduced so this was a big plus for me, I'll be grabbing a few more of these masks to use every week now. 

Don't forget to recycle your tub or reuse it, you could use it for other face masks or products or pop a little plant in it and create a homemade hanging basket or simply pop it in the recycling. 

Have you picked up the new Tea Tree Peel off mask yet? 

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