Becoming a World Class Sandwich artist with Subway and taste testing the new Vegan Menu #AD

June 06, 2019

#AD - Paid Partnership / Event Invite

At Subway, you can make it what you want and now there's even a Vegan option so if your Vegan, Veggie or just fancy a meat-free lunch then Subway has you sorted! Introducing the Vegan patty filled with flavours; red pepper, spicy chili, garlic and red onion, add your chosen salad and New Vegan garlic aioli sauce and you've got a tasty meal! Subway even have Vegan bread options including 'Hearty Italian' -my favourite-

Last week I was invited to one of Subway's new stores to try the new Vegan sub and I have to say I was impressed with how much flavour was in the patty, it packs a burst of flavours with a hint of chili and the garlic aioli sauce is delicious! I think this will be my new sauce of choice on my regular Subway lunch trips. The new Vegan menu also comes as a salad so if you want to skip the bread you can create a salad bowl with the Vegan patty also and again don't forget that garlic aioli sauce! The Vegan Sub and Salad is available now nationwide so head to your local Subway to try it for yourself.

Whilst at the event, not only did we get to try the new Vegan menu but also the new 'Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread' and if you've not had chance to try this yet, head straight down to your local Subway. Cheese and Garlic butter on your choice of bread creates a tidy snack or up your sub game and add this to any sub choice. The garlic butter has a blend of sweet and smoky roasted garlic and a sprinkling of parsley which melts perfectly into the Subway bread then add the new mix of mozzarella and red cheddar cheese which is bursting with flavour!

After trying the new Subway menu each of us took part in the SubJammin' challenge! This was our chance to see how quickly we can re-create the Turkey Breast Sub against the clock; the challenge was to make the sub in under 60 seconds with everything on the bread, wrapped and bagged with napkins! This was super fun but it was a big challenge, we each had to remember what toppings went on the sub and how many items, which sauce and then keep this on the bread, wrap it and bag it! I did get the quickest time of 1 minute 26 seconds and then at the judging stage won best score for presentation! Big up to all the Subway staff taking part in this challenge!

Finally each of us were able to create our own 'Dream Sub' to take away, it was difficult with so much choice but I went with my favourite filling; Rotisserie chicken, grated cheese, lettuce, carrot, sweetcorn, red onion and of course some of the new garlic aioli on hearty Italian bread. Yummy!

Have you tried the new Vegan Menu yet? 

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