Are the 90's making a come back?

June 03, 2019

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I'm a complete 90's kid being born in 1990 and I experienced it all from the original Postman Pat, Bubble Chairs, Tamagotchi's, GameBoys, Beanie Babies and the TV only having 4 channels!! I actually remember re-tuning the TV to get channel 5, oh the excitement. Recently we've seen a bit of a 90's come back with Buffalo trainers trending, Popper pants (Sporty Spice's fav) are in the shops again, chains on belts, crop tops and the Spice Girls touring; what is this 1998?

One of the main things I remember from my childhood is my favourite girl band 'The Spice Girls' whoever doesn't have some sort of memory of the iconic girl band then, where you even in the 90s!!! When I was 6 years old 'The Spice Girls' released their hit song 'Wannabe' and I was a fan ever since, I was lucky enough have the single on "cassette tape" and would play it loud and proud in my bedroom, singing and dancing pretending to be a Spice Girl myself. As the years continued I remember getting Spice Girls Bedding, Barbies, purses, their albums and I was in the official Spice Girls fan club which came with a members card which of course stayed in my Spice Girls purse. My first pet hamster was even called Mel C!

As I got older I'd take my walkman (thats a portable cassette player for those of you too young to remember) with me everywhere and blast the 'Spice World' album, learning all the dance moves with my friends and each picking a member of the band to be; I was usually 'Sporty Spice' since I was a bit of a tomboy growing up. I'm not ashamed to say that me and my bestie still bust a move when 'Stop' comes on when we are out partying.

Last summer The Spice Girls Exhibition came to Manchester and I visited twice; the exhibit moved locations whilst in the city so I was able to see both set up's. I went around the whole show saying "I remember this", "I had that" and "look at these"- there were photo opportunities, every outfit you could dream of seeing and the largest collection of merchandise ever!

- Please note the below competition has now ended -

Who remembers when 'The Spice Girls' teamed up with Walkers Crisp in 1997 to promote the prizes you could win in your Walkers Crisp packet? It was cheesy, sassy and full of girl power with Gary Lineker making an appearance of course. Well since the 90's are making a come back why wouldn't the Spice Girls team up with Walkers again to find the #BestEverFan! Yes thats right someone will be crowned the Walkers Spice Girls Best Ever Fan and win the ultimate prize to see them in concert VIP style and meet their idols in person... Say you'll be there? Walkers asked fans to create something new and share on their social media tagging @Walkers_Crisps and hashtagging #BestEverFan. Watch the advert below...

So are you ready to 'Spice Up Your Life' and 'Stop' right there to see who the #BestEverFan is? 

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