Summer Essentials for all your Holidays & Festivals

July 11, 2019

[GIFTED - this post contains gifted items, all thoughts/opinions are my own and from my own experiences using these products. Please see my disclaimer for more information] 

Summer is finally here with the looks of it and festival season is well underway so I've put together some essentials for feeling and looking your best this summer. Weather your going on a sun and sea holiday, city break or simply hitting up a festival this season make sure you've got some of these items packed!

As your all aware Kiss Products imPRESS nails are my favourite stick on nails and I tend to wear them all the time. However the shorter styles are absolutely perfect for festivals. You can apply them within 5 minutes, you could even stick them on whilst your on your way to your festival (as long as your not the driver). Once on, I personally get around two weeks wear from them before I have to remove them to apply a fresh set. Now at a festival you may be more hands on; putting up a tent, carrying a lot of luggage -cough- beers and being outdoors so I did only get 1 week wear on this occasion but this is still amazing for stick on nails! imPRESS come in many different designs, styles and lengths so everyone can find a set for them. Grab yourself a set or two from your closest Superdrug, Boots or Asda or online here.

Now we're talking more summer holiday than festival here, well depending on where your festival is located I'm sure you'll be keeping the sandals and flip flops packed. For all the lucky ones having a summer holiday this year, check out imPRESS pedicure which are the same great stick on nails as the manicure sets but for your toes!! Don't deal with clipped nail polish or expensive trips to the salon, apply a set of these imPRESS nails for long lasting nails that look and feel amazing! Everyone has asked me where I had my toes done since I've been wearing these. They actually make my toe nails look better and neater than just wearing nail polish. These are a new product from Kiss so there are currently fewer designs to choose from but still a good choice. I had my first set on for around 4 weeks but I changed them to a fresh set which was more out of choice than needing to remove them.

Top Tip - Apply your press on nails before bed as your less likely to get your hands or feet wet for longer than during the day. This helps them stick and last longer in my experience.

Being outdoors or in the sun for long periods of time can dry up your skin even with the correct sun care. Pop a mini Hempz Beauty all day moisturiser in your case or bag and treat your skin morning and night to keep it feeling soft and smooth. Hempz use 100% pure natural hemp seed oil to create their products and sell a range of scents and collections. This one is the Herbal Whipped Body Créme which has a sweet scent which lasts and because of the whipped texture of the cream it applies beautifully without any stickiness. The whipped like texture is thin enough to apply quickly and easily but not thin enough to make a mess. Hempz is paraben free, Gluten-Free and 100% Vegan too!

Want fresh looking non-tried eyes whilst away from home then make sure to put these bargain eye patches in your toiletries bag. For just £1.00, yes a quid you can awake your eyes every morning so you can look and feel fresher plus do not worry about puffy eyes. Just apply one patch under each eye for 5 to 10 minutes, you can even do this whilst you get ready for the day. Once the times up, remove and check out the results! These are a total winner for festivals too as you don't always get much sleep if your on a noisy campsite so puffy eyes are a problem but not with these little life savers. Head to your local Primark and stock up!

The all important sun care products, this should be one of the first things you pack in my opinion. Even in the British weather, you need to protect your skin from harmful sun rays and UVA damage. I particularly like this Calypso once a day, the texture is oil like but smooths onto my skin. It's easy to apply, isn't sticky or shiny when on the skin and perfect for applying on the go for those jam packed holidays or non-stop festivals this summer. Note, I always reapply the 'once a day' sun protection after going in any water for long periods of time, after 6 hours  of being out in the sun consistently and always 15 minutes before any sun exposure. Calypso is made in England which is a nice bonus as well.

What are your beauty essentials for summer? 

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