My first experience of Live in the Light

July 29, 2019

-This post contains Gifted items sent to me for a review, all thoughts/opinions/experiences are my own. Please see my disclaimer for more information.-

Do you struggle to find Natural products that are chemical free and made from 100% natural ingredients? So did Sue from Live in the Light, after spending a long time searching for completely chemical free products she discovered Annmarie Gianni’s website and tried some of the natural products. It wasn’t long before Sue was hooked; it was inevitable that Live in the Light would be a distributor of natural products within the UK.

The holistic approach and firm beliefs in what they do creates a safe, natural and chemical free place to shop all your skincare needs from many different brands.

I’ll be honest I’d never heard of Live in the Light until now and I’ve been lucky enough to receive a few products from them to try out. I was very excited to receive the package and see what goodies were inside.

Inside the box were 3 items; a sugar scrub, hand cream and makeup remover. Each product was from the brand Pure Anada which is a Canadian brand that is handmade in Canada! All of these products fit nicely into my skin and body care retime. I put the makeup remover in place of my current cleanser, the hand cream in my handbag and sugar scrub in the bathroom ready for in-shower applications. I was all set to test the products! 

Of course I needed to know more about this natural, handmade brand so did a little research on Pure Anada. They are a very ethical brand that take care in were their ingredients are sourced including their Shea butter and Mica. They also take care in creating their products in their own lab so they can follow the process from start to finish. Pure Anada’s products DO NOT contain; Gluten, Tree Nuts or Bismuth Oxychloride which are common allergens. Finally they are a cruelty free brand and is certified by the Leaping Bunny Program and some of their products are also Vegan. 

4 weeks on now and I’ve been having a fab time with these Pure Anada products especially the hand cream which is my favourite product of the three I’ve been trying. First off the scent is so fruity and fresh its hard not to smell my hands consistently. The second thing I noticed about this hand cream after the scent was the texture, it’s a little thicker than my regular hand creams but with the warmth of my hands, a little goes a long way! The cream smoothes over my hands easily and leaves me with soft to touch skin and amazing smelling hands; I feel like I’m on holiday with this mango peach scent all the time. I’ve been using this throughout the day whilst sat at my work desk and its a little bit of peace each time I apply it. The cream has shea butter, argan oil and jojoba seed oil to name a few of the moisturising, soothing and kind to skin ingredients. I can’t wait to finish this tube off so I can try of the other scents from Live in the Light. 

Next up is the hard working cucumber and aloe eye makeup remover which has a very light scent that isn’t over powering for a makeup remover. Being a product that is set to work on the delicate eye area, its very gentle on my skin and doesn’t irritate even with the stubborn hard to remove makeup like waterproof mascara. One pump of the milky texture remover onto a damp cloth and your set to go, removing my makeup easily with little effort which is what I want from a makeup remover; as we all know it can be a chore of a task to get that makeup off before bed. I actually like that the products lightly scented as I’m not a fan of cucumbers. The milky texture means the product goes a long way and one pump per eye is enough. I feel like this bottle will last me forever. The pump bottle is also recyclable which is fantastic! 

Finally the all natural body scrub which if I do say so myself is the most gentle body scrub I’ve ever used whilst also being effective and easy to use. If you get chance to try this scrub please do, even if its just a small sample on your arm, you’ll feel the smoothing effects straight away. As well as the evaporated cane sugar, the scrub has shea butter, coconut oil and argan oil included so you know its good for the skin. I’ve been applying whilst in the shower to my dry skin areas (elbows, knees and feet) and my skin now feels smooth, looks soft and there’s no flaky, dry skin to be seen. The sugar scrub pot is massive and I’ve got around half of the product left after using twice a week for a month. The scent is tropical coconut and the coconut scent is definitely present but I love the pineapple fruit scent which hangs around on the skin after applying. 

I’m truly sold by these natural and chemical free products and want to try all the brands on Live in the Light, what Sue and her team have created is a great place to shop that’s good for your skin and the environment!

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