10 Brands to check out at London Edge

August 25, 2018

London Edge... what a place, what a show and what an atmosphere!! It’s one of my favourite events of year and I start planning my next visit as soon as possible. This year I’ve sorted it all out so I can be there for the full 2 days and attend the after party as well of course.

Whilst at the show I always enjoy seeing all the brands, chatting to them and watching them on the catwalk. Here’s 10 brands I think you should check out at London Edge this year... 

This is one the brands I’m most excited to see. StrangeCvlt have launched so many awesome new styles lately and I can’t wait to see what they are showcasing at the show. Everything they post on Instagram makes me lust for another pair of shoes. For an alternative, unique and bad ass look, head over to the StrangeCvlt stand at the show. I'm hoping to wear a pair of StrangeCvlt's soon! 

Another one of my favourite brands who I always enjoying seeing. I’ve been lucky enough to have worked with Jawbreaker on my blog not that long ago, you can read the post here. It’s going to be great to see what’s coming next season from Jawbreaker, I particularly like the prints and fabrics they use in their collections.

This ones on my Instagram most liked list, every time they post a new bag I’m hitting that like button within milliseconds. Jelly Jolly are cute, colourful and practical with transparent bags and boots to suit everyone’s style. I particularly like that the bags are jelly so they are perfect for festivals and all weathers. 

TUK have been in my life since being a teenager and I’ve followed and worn the brand since then too. With classic creeper style as well as boots, sandals and heels TUK has it all. I love the alternative designs, colours and prints. I’d absolutely love to work with this brand on my blog at some point too. 

Voodoo Vixen
A retro and sexy brand bringing all the 30's and 40's vibes with a hint of modern day. Voodoo Vixen have lots of prints, styles and accessories plus a Vixen Curve range. Think retro with a twist is how I see this brand and I'll be heading over to their stand to check out what they bring to Edge.

Of course there’s another shoe brand to check out and that’s the famous New Rock Boots which is another brand I’ve been lucky enough to work with on my blog (click here for blog post). I'll also be wearing my New Rocks on one of the show days. The original goth, punk, alternative bad ass boots that scream hard core! They are hard wearing, fashionable and comfortable so what more could you need. 

A bath bomb brand that’s all kinds of awesome, they even have a black bath bomb!! I always love seeing these guys at Edge to see what scents they have brought with them and what colours they come up with next. Hex bomb are also Vegan friendly. 

Punky Pins
Who doesn't have a strong pin game lately? I know I'm a sucker for an awesome pin and have my own little collection which does include Punky Pins. They have designs for everyone from cute cats, unicorns, deathhead moths and slogan pins. They also have key-chains and patches too, I'd recommend going to see them at Edge, they always bring so many pins to check out.

Fearless Illustration
Think cute and bad ass in one clothing brand and you've got Fearless Illustration, they been at Edge a couple times since I've been attending and their clothing always catches my eye. I think that FI have clothing for all ages too with different styles suiting different ages but with each piece you can tell its got the Fearless Illustration look!

Hearts & Roses London
I love my vintage style dresses that I have in my wardrobe and wear them to events, on special occasions and even just the weekends sometimes. Hearts & Roses have a lovely collection of vintage style dresses as well as trousers, tops, corsets and outerwear. If vintage, retro or classic is your style then hit up H&R at Edge this year.

Bonus Brand

A small but bold brand that tours everywhere for festivals, events and shows. Bold as bass prints, colours and style is what you’ll find at Offend My Eyes. There’s nothing like this brand on the market in my eyes and I think they are super cool!

I will be checking out all these brands and more next weekend and I can't wait to hang with my blogger mates as well. Are you going to London Edge? You can register for a ticket here, you don't want to miss the show!

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  1. Yaass I love all of these so much! Can't wait to hang with you again x

    Kimberley // thecolourchronicles.com

    1. I’m super excited Kim! Gonna be another epic weekend :) x


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