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December 07, 2017

Before I became a blogger my skin care routine was pants, I would pick up a moisturiser here and there but that was it. So as I’ve become more and more interested in my skin and writing about it, my routine has improved majorly. Of course I’m lucky enough to be sent skin care to sample as well so this gives me the opportunity to try products I wouldn’t necessarily buy just like these Bio-essence products here...

Bio-essence want to bring customers products that serve them by being the forefront of innovation within the beauty industry. They have more than 100 products in lots of different ranges and are now available in lots of different countries including; Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Australia and the UK. Superdrug stocks Bio-essence in the UK and is available on their website here.

I was sent the 24K Gold Night Cream* and 24K Gold Miracle Finish* to try out over the last month or so and now I’m sat here writing this with super soft glowing skin. The night Cream isn’t like any other night cream I’ve used before, the texture is a little jelly-like; it actually wobbles if you shake it gently. This makes the cream last extremely longer than other night creams, as a seriously small amount goes a very long way. I’ve been applying 3 small dots to my face then rubbing it in, the cream soaks into my skin quickly and leaves it feeling soft; I was impressed from first use. I prefer to use a night cream more than a day cream as I feel I get more out of a night cream and with this 24K Gold cream I've gotten more than any other night cream I've used in the past. Bio-essence have said that this cream helps fight the first signs of premature ageing by fighting free radials as well as helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. I've become more and more aware of looking after my skin now I'm getting older and feel that I need to take more care of my skin. With how easy this cream was to apply and how quickly it soaked into my skin and the results I've had I'm pretty much sold on this product! My skin feels soft everyday now and feels firmer than it did before I started to use this cream; I'll definitely be keeping this cream in my skincare routine!

The 24K Gold Miracle Finish is something completely new to me, I’ve always thought that my moisturiser was my last step but how wrong I’ve been. Miracle Finish is the last step in your routine because it locks in all the previous products you've put on your face so your cleaner, toner and moisturiser all get locked into your skin so you can achieve the best results possible. I would of never picked this product up in store or even thought about using something like this and I think that was because I know nothing about them but now I've been telling everyone they need a finishing product like this! This lightweight cream soaks straight into my skin and forms a protective layer, this helps to stop any pollutants coming into contact with my skin. The extra layer helps to stop my pores from clogging and this cream can be used under my makeup to help keep my skin clear too. I've been using this within my night time skin care routine to lock in my moisturiser whilst I sleep but I've also been using this as a primer as it gives a matte finish and a smooth finish so my foundation applies easier and flawlessly. Miracle Finish is a product I didn't now I needed but now don't want to be without!

My skin care routine has had a little shake up now especially with the Miracle Finish, I truly believe this has helped when it comes to keeping my skin soft and the product makes sense. You can pick up these Bio-essence products and the others in Superdrug now. 

*PR Samples - all thoughts/comments are my own, see my disclaimer for more information. 

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