Trouble Sleeping? Try REN’s new Now To Sleep Pillow Spray*

November 09, 2017

Sleep can be difficult if I’m stressed, agitated or under the weather. I also struggle to settle when I’m away from home and not in my own bedroom. REN skincare recently got in touch to tell me about their new *Now To Sleep Pillow Spray which has just launched, they offered to send me a spray to sample. It was perfect timing to receive the spray as I was travelling to Paris and staying away from home. I’ve been able to give the spray a good try-out and here’s what I think...

REN are a clean skincare brand that avoid toxic ingredients and provide high quality products with visible results. They use the best of nature to create products that are not only friendly to skin but also products that work for your skin; there are no parabens, mineral oils, petroleum or sulfates. REN are committed to finding new ways to help improve and look after the environment, they do not test on animals nor do any third party on their behalf and a lot of REN's products are suitable for Vegans. 

Now To Sleep is an easy to use spray with a essential oils that aid natural and relaxing sleep, the ingredients help to relax, de-stress and calm before helping you drift off to sleep. The spray is easy to use; just spray directly onto your pillow before you want to go to sleep. Included in the calming ingredients is Frankincense, hops and lavender, these all work together yet work separately at the same time. Frankincense helps to put your mind at rest and calm your mood, having a clear mind before bed is helpful to drift off into a good sleep. The Hops extract also helps to calm but also relaxes you and Lavender can help to reduce stress and anxiety; all these together are a wonder-mix of chill and calm!

I personally like to burn incense sticks and candles with calming scents which do help me relax but of course I can't burn these whilst going to sleep. Now To Sleep is very interesting to me and I started to use the spray straight away and I also took it away with me last week. Straight after spraying, the beautiful scents fill the room, the lavender scent is the strongest but I can still smell the frankincense and earthy notes. Lavender can sometimes make me sneeze but I didn't have that effect with this spray, I assume it maybe because of the other ingredients. The earthy notes sort of took me back to camping and sleeping outside which was nice to think about and did relax me. Using the spray was easy, a couple of sprays on my pillow and I also sprayed the top of my duvet cover to get the full effect of the product; only 4-5 sprays was used per night.

Whilst on holiday I don't sleep well, I don't sleep well away from home full stop so any help to drift off is welcomed. Now To Sleep's calming scent and relaxing aroma helped me drift off whilst away in Paris, I will admit it took me longer than at home to go to sleep but I was calmer than normal and felt less anxious. I personally believe the spray helped me to drift off and its nice to have a relaxing and stress-free feeling before going to sleep. I've continued to use the spray now I am home and will continue to use it especially on restless nights and after stressful days.

The packaging of the spray is a little fun with the closed lashes logo, the clear text and information work well with the REN Clean Skincare illustration which is a eye mask; very fitting with a relaxing sleep product! The price of Now To Sleep is £18.00 for a 75ml bottle and this will last you ages so if you have trouble sleeping it's definitely worth giving this spray a go; head over to the REN Clean Skincare website to purchase. 

*PR Sample - all thoughts/comments are my own, see my disclaimer for more information. 

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