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November 12, 2017

If you haven't heard of Anatomicals then your sort of missing out; missing out on fun and witty packaged products, beautiful smelling skin care and great looking skin! Anatomicals motto is "we only want you for your body" which is on the products packaging, to me it gives me the impression that they are all about caring for your skin and creating products that work! All of Anatomicals products are paraben free and cruelty free, they don't believe in testing on animals which is brilliant!

I was recently sent a lovely PR package from Anatomicals and after featuring them a few times in my subscription box posts I've become a big fan of their products. I received the *Memorably good daily cleansing pads (with exfoliating glycol acid), 3 face masks and a face scrub to try out; I've been using these products over the last few weeks and have had so much fun using them!

First of all, how awesome is the packaging, each product has witty text on it making the products fun to look at and read about. These cleansing apads (the 'a' stands for Anatomicals) are similar to other brands that I have used in the past however I feel like the size of these pads are bigger and they are thicker. This means I can use less pads per day, I generally use cleansing pads in the evening within my skincare routine, I find they make my face feel more clean. The apads don't really have a scent which is fine by me, they are gentle on my skin yet still exfoliate it leaving me with fresh feeling skin. Only one pad covers my whole face but I always use two pads so I can cover my neck as well. I suffer from breakouts quite often and have teenage-like skin so keeping my skin dirt-free is key for me to keep my face as clean and blemish free as possible. These are priced at £8.00 which is cheaper then my regular brand of cleansing pads which make them more value for money and they will keep my skin looking and feeling great! I'll be continuing to use these memorably good apads to sweep away all the dead skin cells and dirt and I'll be saving some money too!

Each week I use a facial scrub to give my skin a deep clean so I was excited to use this *"get outta my face dirtball" Apricot Face Scrub. As I opened the packet I was welcomed by a lovely citrus, fruity and fresh scent; the apricot was really in the scrub! I applied the scrub straight onto damp skin and started to rub it in circular movement, the crushed apricot kernels was a little harsh at first on my skin, these where bigger than the exfoliants in my regular face scrub. Moving the scrub around my face gently, it started to clean my face, the aloe vera ingredient soothed and my skin really did feel cleaned after! I'm a little unsure weather I'd use this scrub again due to the bigger exfoliants but I like how my skin felt afterwards and how lovely the scent was; for a good deep clean this scrub does the job!

We are well into the colder weather months so I've been using a face mask twice a week to help my skin adjust to the colder weather and to keep my face moisturised. I used the *"i feel the need the need for seaweed" Calming Algae Face Mask after using the Apricot face scrub this helped to calm my skin after exfoliating. This mask was cooling from the first second it hit my skin and the scent was so refreshing; it reminded me of the seaside. The mask did harden when it was ready to wash off, this took round 10 minutes; I washed the mask off with warm water and my skin felt so soft after!

If your more of a fruity scented face mask fan then the *"Hawaii five-glow" Tropical Hydrating Mask is for you with a full on fruity scent; it will take you straight back to summer! I found this mask to be thicker than the others and I used a lot more of it, the mask has the same cooling effect as the Algae mask which I think would make wearing these masks during the summer an advantage. Wearing them during the winter months has its advantages as well though, the added moisture and how nourished my skin felt after was enough to keep me coming back for more; this is definitely one of my favourite Anatomicals masks to date!

My personal favourite mask from this package was the *"farewell the Scarlett Pimplehell" deep cleaning mud mask because it worked best on my skin! Due to my breakouts I got the most of this mask, the mud mask had a clay-like scent and was green in colour; just as you'd imagine from a mud mask. It smoothed onto my skin easily and I actually got 2 uses from this mask as it spread quite thinly over my face. The clay mask hardened within 15 minutes and I was fully relaxed at this point, taking the mask off took a little extra work than the others; I used a damp cloth then rinsed my face which seemed to work well. The next day after using this mask my spots came out and started to clear up after a few days so I'll be keeping my face mask stash topped up with these!

I've been able to try out some new skin care products and find some favourites which will be staying in my routine from now on especially the cleansing pads and Scarlett Pimplehell mask. You can pick up Anatomicals from many stockists including; Superdrug, Amazon, Asos and Fragrance Direct as well as in stores! What's your favourite Anatomicals products?

*PR Samples - all comments/thoughts are my own, see my disclaimer for more information.

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