A bit of Hollywood Glamour this Halloween with *Joan Collins Timeless Beauty

October 21, 2017

“Dreaming about being an actress, is more exciting than being one” -  Marilyn Monroe

If that’s the case then why not dress up as Monroe for Halloween this year and be the best dressed with a touch of elegance and glamour! Joan Collins - Timeless Beauty have lipsticks named after Hollywood movie stars! JC Beauty’s PR company have kindly sent me 2 of the lipsticks to sample; *Marilyn and *Fontaine. Both lipsticks have a high end feel to them even before I’ve opened them to see the shades. The lipsticks are in a gold case that screams elegant with the JC logo on the top, they remind me of lipsticks my mum used to wear years back; I always thought they were glamorous when I was a kid.

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty's lipsticks are very popular and are the queen of the beauty range, Joan Collins herself believes that your lips should be cared for and be protected whilst still wearing colour so her DIVINE lipstick range has this in mind. Each lipstick has a creamy texture that smooths right onto the lips and actively hydrates whilst sporting a long lasting colour. DIVINE lipsticks have been tried and tested to improve hydration levels in the lips after just 30 days, a few of JC Beauty's products have formula's to improve your skin; I've used the Class Act Lash Growth Treatment in the past and had good results.

Marilyn is a beautiful shade that I think is a great for every skin tone, the shimmer undertone gives it that night time look but you could pull it off as an everyday lipstick as well. I really like the shade for a daily lipstick, its neutral enough for work and easy to apply with being smooth and creamy and a nude shade. I've applied it with a transparent lip liner so no bleeding would happen whilst wearing the lipstick, I was able to eat and drink throughout the day but I did have to re-apply to keep the colour full. Although Marilyn is a nude colour it also has a rose/pink tint to it giving a really girly feel to the whole shade; I love it!

Fontaine is the brighter shade of the two being a hot pink shade with a playful look to it, this works well for a night time lipstick but if your going for a bold look then wear it everyday. I am more of a red lipstick girl but when a truly beautiful shade comes along I'm sold, Fontaine is one of those shades. I've worn this a couple of times since receiving the lipsticks and it looks great with a my pale skin tone; it really stands out! Again this lipstick is creamy and very easy to apply, its long lasting and really has that pop of colour you want. I can go easy on my eyes and add all the boldness with this lipstick.

All the DIVINE lipsticks are nourishing, actively hydrating, protective, suitable for sensitive skin and dermatologically tested. Each JC product is also paraben free apart from the brow pencils and JC Timeless Beauty is not tested on animals.

You can now pick up these DIVINE lipsticks and other Joan Collins Beauty products in M&S and on the JC Beauty website here.

*PR Samples - all thoughts/comments are my own, see my disclaimer for more information.

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