Lashes for days with Urban Decay’s New *Troublemaker Mascara

October 18, 2017

I’m a sucker for a good mascara and enjoy trying new mascaras whenever I can so when Urban Decay sent me the new *Troublemaker Mascara to sample I was chuffed as hell! Urban are major favourite of mine and I’m never disappointed by them or any of their products.

Urban have created a mascara that delivers 13.7% lash volume, deeper than black shade and fluttery lashes that last; its even sex proof!!! Troublemaker is said to leave your lashes looking super-fat and super-long all whilst not clumping or loosing colour. There are two black pigments in the mascara's formula hence the blacker than black shade and Troublemaker is nourishing for your lashes with ingredients like Vitamin E and Panthenol; you'll also get no flaking or smudging.

I was impressed with just the packaging of this mascara when it arrived in the post as I usually am with UD products; they put time and effort into their packaging and it shows. Troublemaker has a colourful casing along with matching box with eye-catching text and of course the UD logo is on there too. The mascaras I’m currently using are Urban Decay's Perversion and Benefit's Rollerlash which are two very different mascaras; both have a different wand but give me good results. This Troublemaker mascara has an unique wand that does the job of 10 mascaras, grabbing every lash, even the smallest and brings them out into the fullest look!

Looking at the wand at first I was intrigued by the shape and design, it has plastic hooks but all different sizes and some are curved, some are not. I’ve not seen a wand like this before, I’ve used quite a few plastic wand mascaras to compare to this but none of them come close to this. Applying Troublemaker was extremely easy, one application is all that’s needed to active a full lash look, longer looking lashes and a bold eye! I was completely blown away the first time I used Troublemaker; the shade is a deep black which I expected nothing else, all the Perversion products have impressed me for being blacker than black in colour and now with the two black pigments in Troublemaker my lashes can be even darker! 

I found applying this mascara was super super easy, a couple of strokes along my lash line was all that was needed, the wand does all the work. UD designed this wand themselves so its completely new to the market. The little hooks comb through my lashes bringing them up and curling as I apply, the tiniest hooks grab all the lashes I would usually miss and bring them into play. There's no need for me to turn the wand, I can just apply and be ready to go. As for long-lasting, I cannot fault Troublemaker one little bit; by the end of the day my lashes still look like I've just applied the mascara. I bet your thinking if its lasted this long that removing it will be a pain but you'd be wrong, with my usual makeup remover (micellar water) the product cleaned off my lashes smoothly. I think the nourishing ingredients help with this, the mascara doesn't stick to my lashes but sits on them nicely and holds them in place without being harsh.

Each time I've worn Troublemaker since receiving it I've had people ask me if I'm either wearing false lashes or what mascara I'm wearing as my lashes look amazing. I am seriously impressed with the product and will continue to use it; its now my favourite mascara in my makeup bag.

You can grab UD's Troublemaker from and in Urban Decay stores/counters now for just £19.50!

*PR Sample - all thoughts/comments are my own, see my disclaimer for more information.

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