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October 11, 2017

Have you heard of Buzz Balm? No? I hadn’t either until a few weeks ago when I was sent a lovey little package from them. All I need to say really is that I’m impressed and loving the balms but I shall go on.

Buzz Balm is a Manchester based company creating 100% natural products including balms and skin creams. They work closely with bee keepers who are passionate about the well-being of bees and nature itself. Buzz Balm has a unique formulation which includes Melixir. From learning and understanding how the honeybee works they have been able to optimise the benefits of Buzz Balm into a wonderful natural product that works! 

In the little package I was kindly sent there were 5 products; an *all purpose skin cream, *ink’d aftercare balm, *beehave beard balm, *ultra lip balm and *hand & cuticle care cream. All of which are in the cutest packaging and little tins; these are great for your handbag or pocket.

Over the past couple of weeks I've been using the 'all purpose skin cream' on my super dry areas, with the weather getting colder my skin is suffering. Especially my elbows, hands and feet; I've been applying this cream to those areas before bed and my elbows feel much better as do my feet and hands. The 'hand & cuticle' care cream has really helped my hands as well, I've been carrying this tin around with me whilst at work; I wash my hands a lot at work and use hand sanitiser a lot so I need to care for my hands and nails. I particularly like that Buzz Balm doesn't have an over powering scent and a little goes a long way, it looks like I've hardly used any product over the past few weeks but I've been applying it daily.

It's not only my skin that suffers during the winter, my lips also can become chapped and dry, luckily I've been able to use the 'ultra lip balm' to soothe them and stop any dryness before it happens. I received the 'Orange Honey' scent in the lip balm but there are two other scents available; Lime and Manuka & Thyme. I was happy with the orange honey scent as I like the sweetness of the scent. Buzz Balm's lip products have a harder consistently because they are formulated for use on the lips.

Of course the 'Beard Balm' wasn't much use to me but my other half has a beard so I passed this onto him to try out. I asked him what he thought of the balm and he said "it smells nice, is easy to use and does the job", man of many words as you can tell but I suppose that's all we need to know really. I was really happy to see the 'ink'd aftercare' balm in the package as I have many tattoos and more booked in, I think it's fantastic that Buzz Balm thought to include a tattoo aftercare in their range as this sometimes gets over looked. I'll be putting this balm to the ultimate test on my next tattoos but I've been applying it to my current tattoos now which has given them a boost of life in colour and my skin is softer to touch too.

Buzz Balm are a brand that I admire, they are local to me, use natural ingredients and are ethical in sourcing their ingredients by working closely with their suppliers in the UK and Europe. The tins are available in different sizes to suit everyone and everyones lifestyles and the products really work!! Really happy I've been able to sample these balms and creams and tell you all about my experience.

You can purchase Buzz Balm online here and in selected local stores and markets.

*PR Samples - all thoughts/comments are my own, see my disclaimer for more information. 


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