Team Unicorn or Team Mermaid - Glossybox October

October 30, 2017

I can’t tell you just how excited I was for this months Glossybox and it wasn’t because of the contents. Glossy created a Unicorn box and a Mermaid box, both as beautiful as each other but of course I really wanted the Unicorn box being a Unicorn myself  :)

It was down to fate which box us Glossies received and when my box arrived earlier in the month I opened it with excitement and I found the Unicorn box in all its glory! The box is made up of pinks and blues and has the word Unicorn across the lid, under the lid is a unicorn themed quote “Be a Unicorn in a field of Horses" which completes the box theme perfectly. 

The tissue paper and ribbon all match the box colours, as did everything in the Mermaid box if you received that one; it’s my favourite box design to date!!! October’s boxes actually sold out they were that popular so that’s a plus for Glossybox!

Inside each box this month was 5 full-size makeup treats including a eyeshadow palette filled with bright and bold shades. Lots of awesome makeup brands were featured which I really liked as I had heard of most of them so I really feel the box was value for money this month, I’d of paid for the box design alone though. 

I already have this palette in my collection mainly because of the name; Mermaids vs Unicorns. When I’ve used the palette I also found that I loved the bright and bold shades, they are perfect for my eye looks. There isn’t any lighter shades but there’s a good mix of colours to create an ombré look and it’s perfect for any Mermaid or Unicorn Halloween looks. The eyeshadows are pigmented, easily blended and long lasting when using an eye shadow primer. I don’t like the applicator though as I prefer a brush to apply my shadows, these sponge things are no good in my opinion. 

Blush is a product that I lack in my makeup bag, I do have a few shades but I struggle to find the correct shade that works for my pale skin tone. Sleek is a brand I use regularly so I was excited to try this Crème to Powder blush. The shade is very pink hence the name Carnation and is a little too pink for my skin tone. The cream to powder element is difficult to get used too, the cream is soft so blends easily but I applied too much. The final result does look like powder but the product doesn't blend like a powder at all, if I only apply a very little amount I can get a good result but it took some getting used too. 

This is another product I’ve had in the past but it’s always a winner for me! Lord & Berry always impress me and I like their products a lot. This magic brow pencil works for everyone, the marble effect on the pencil blends 2 shades into your brows giving a fully natural look. It works for many brow shades because of the marble effect. Applying just like any other pencil, softer on the inner brows then shaping them into your preferred shape then blend out with a spoolie. I was happy to find the magic brow pencil inside my box this month as my other has nearly ran out. 

Kawaii Enterprise Brush Cleansing Egg - full size £7.99
Cleaning your makeup brushes is a chore within itself but with helpful little tools like this Brush Cleansing Egg it’s a little easier. I like this little tool, it’s easy to use by just popping it on top of your fingers, running the tap, adding some Carex soap then brushing my makeup brushes over the grooves. It helps to get my brushes clean from makeup and dirt, I can then rinse them and let them dry. It speeds up the brush washing time for sure! 

This vegan and cruelty free Cream colour is a multi purpose makeup product; it can be used on your lips, eyes and cheeks. When I first opened it I thought it was just a cream blush which I thought was a little odd for Glossy to put 2 blushes in the box but looking closer I saw it was multi purpose. However I tried to use this on my eyes and it didn’t go well, the texture just didn’t sit nice on my eye lids and the shade made my eyes look sore. When worn on my lips it left a stubble pink shade and a slight gloss texture so this worked really well. Finally I tried this as a blush and I think it worked best as a blush, the cream blends onto my cheeks and rubs in leaving a flush of pink on my cheeks. 

It was great to receive a sub box full of makeup products for once, I prefer receiving makeup products so this was definitely a box for me. Add this to the magical box design and I’ve got a top notch box! There was also an added extra of a 'half UNICORN' sticker which I am going to add to my laptop sticker collection. 

What will November bring I wonder? Fancy signing up to Glossybox... use my referral link here and get money off your first box. Next month theres a BeautyUK contour powder brush inside each box so you don't want to miss out. 


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  1. Eeeep, killing it with the unicorn vibes gorgeous Gems, this box was 100% made for your magical self. So glad destiny played a part as this box is the stuff of dreams for sure and it's deffo fate you received a unicorn box :D When I saw these babin' boxes I fell head over heels, can't beat those unicorn and mermaid vibes, go Glossybox! Your dreamy duvet cover keeps the theme going perfectly as does the adorable cloud light, total cloud nine gorgeous girlie. The eyeshadow palette is full of stunning shades and I'm totally heart-eyed <3 <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo


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