Coppafeel with Birchbox this October

October 28, 2017

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month so Birchbox has collaborated with Coppafeel; an amazing charity who’s mission is to stamp out late detection by reminding everyone to check their boobs on a regular basis. Inside every Birchbox this October is a shower sticker showing you how to check your boobs so you know what to look for; personally I think this a great little reminder to check your boobs and it gives you the info you need.

Birchbox’s design has a girly feel to it with pink and purple colours swirled together completing the drawer box design and it’s as eye catching as ever. Inside my box was 5 items including a Anatomicals Grab your Melons Shower Gel; another handy reminder for us ladies. Every subscriber had the chance to pick a ModelCo makeup product, I went with the Megalash mascara as I’d already tried the contour stick. It’s a pretty good box but I would of preferred more makeup products this month so I’m hoping my November box can make up for that. 

If you've read my subscription box posts before and seen my love/hate relationship with ModelCo you'll of probably guessed I wasn't that excited about this mascara. I was pleased that we got to pick the ModelCo item we received, the other option was the contour stick which I have tried before. To be honest I actually like this mascara after using it a few times, I found it did lift my lashes and curl the ends of them when I twirled the brush. The wand has lots of tiny plastic bristles which grab my lashes easily then pulls them out into a full look. The shade is very dark which is another plus and one coat was all I needed to achieve my regular day-time mascara look. In this case its a love from me, ModelCo!

I've become such a big fan of Anatomicals lately after receiving items in a few sub-boxes. You also be seeing a brand focused review soon on my blog so check back for that soon. This Grab Your Melons Shower Gel is a Birchbox exclusive and goes perfectly with this months colab with Coppafeel. The beautiful fruity and fresh scent enchants you whilst you wash and its a perfect time to check your boobs, the grab your melons name will remind you too. The shower gel lathers up easily, especially when applied to a wash scrunchy then rinses away leaving you smelling fruity. Anatomicals witty packaging will always pull me in and the good quality products keep me coming for more.

I use dry shampoo regularly but I've never used a dry shampoo paste before and was a little apprehensive about the results I'd achieve when using it. The paste has a fresh hair scent that does stick around after applying, the paste doesn't have a pasty texture but more of a balm. A small amount is needed, you rub it between your fingers then apply to your hair, I only applied it to my roots which are the main area that gets greasy after a day or two. The paste went on really well, I don't think it went far though, another small amount was needed to cover my full root area. I do really like the smell though and this mini tub is perfect for travelling or popping into your bag for a long day at work however I don't think I'm sold on the dry shampoo paste idea.

Balance Me are a brand regularly featured in sub-boxes and they are a welcomed treat in my opinion. This month we have the Pure Skin Face Wash in a travel sized tube which has the most calming scent ever in a face wash. With ingredients like Frankincense which soothes the skin whilst also calming the mood, as an evening face wash it gets you ready for a good night's sleep. The wash is easy to use, apply to damp skin being careful not to get any in your eyes then rinse away, the wash cleanses the skin, cleans the skin and refreshes the skin.

I am pretty sure I've tried this particular moisturiser before and I had super results with it as I have with lots of NUXE products previously. NUXE in my opinion are a high end skin care brand but they are often featured in Birchbox and other sub-boxes so this gives me the chance to try their products without the price tag. This 48 hour moisturiser brings the skin's water levels up and replenishes the skin, the Birchbox guide says it's a drink of water for your skin. I like the moisturiser for its results, the aloe vera and plant milk ingredients soothe and nourish my skin and leave me with soft to touch skin and a little bit of a glow too. The scent is a little overpowering though, it's quite floral which isn't something I usually go for.

So as I’ve said above I would of liked more makeup items this month but there was a good selection of products to sample still. I particularly liked trying the dry shampoo paste as this was very different to my regular dry shampoo product. Anatomicals never disappoints and I love the brands witty packaging each time I try a product from them. 

Next month Birchbox has come together with Vogue, there’s two box designs to pick from; both have the Vogue theme to them. All the beauty treats have been picked from the Vogue 100 Beauty Hall of Fame! I’m already excited for November’s box, if you want to sign up and get your first box for just £5.00 then use my referral link here

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