Dollibox - 5 full size items in October’s box!!

October 24, 2017

You all know I’ve been receiving Dollibox for 6 months now and I’ve had some amazing boxes so far so I decided to sign up to another 6 months so you’ll all be seeing Dollibox each month for the foreseeable future on GemsUpNorth.

This month Dollibox have filled the box full again with 5 full size items and one travel sized product; they out-do themselves each month! I enjoy getting this box so much and I always find new brands to discover from products that’s inside. Also with each box having full sized products inside it's totally worth the money!

Heng Fang Highlight Liquid in shade 02 - full size $13.99
Liquid highlighters are everywhere now and I've had little practise with them so finding one in my Dollibox this month was great. I received the 02 shade which is the pinky shade of the three and I'm super happy with it, the shade works well on my pale skin and blends beautifully. Inside the branded box is what looks like a lip gloss, you can see the shade through the clear tube and unscrew the cap off easily, there is a wand for application making it look more like a lip gloss. The wand makes it quick and easy to apply, I dab the wand to the areas I want to highlight then blend it out with a finger; the shade holds up well and stays put! You can also add this highlighter to your foundation for an added glow or top up your powder highlighter. 

7th Heaven Montagne Jeunesse Face Mask - full size £1.00
I absolutely love 7th Heaven face masks, I always pick them up in my local Body Care. I was happy to see a Halloween product in my box this month being October. The guys over at 7th Heaven have created this Trick or Treat peel-off mask which helps to remove dead skin cells and banishes any nasty grime on the skin. Inside the mask is "Massacred Limes", 'Petrified Flowers" and " Cut up Cucumber", it's horrifyingly good! As we all know by now I love a lazy face mask, a peel-off mask makes it all the more fun and less effort is needed. The scent of the cucumbers is quite strong for my liking but you also get the fresh lime scent which is more pleasant for me. The mask took around 25-30 to fully dry and be ready to peel-off but this wasn't a problem for me. Whats more awesome is this mask is British made, suitable for vegetarians and cruelty free!

Palmer’s Coconut Formula Hand Cream - full size £2.49
Palmer's have featured a few times in Dollibox and they have become a favourite of mine, their products are good quality, I get good results after using the products and they smell lovely! Palmer's cocoa butter formula contains ethically sourced Coconut Oil and Tahitian Monoï Oil along with Tiaré flower petals; all the ingredients create a smoothing and creamy moisturiser. This tube is for dry and rough skin particularly on hands, elbows and knees, the key problem areas; I've been using this cream on my hands all week, I wash my hands a lot at work so always carry a hand cream with me to help with this. My hands smell great for starters and feel soft from the first application, I've also used this cream before going to bed for a full hand soak, I apply more cream than normal then put on some cotton gloves for half an hour then go to sleep. This really helps with the super dry patches on my hands and they feel wonderful by morning. 

Ok I can't stop smelling this hand & body lotion, it's so sweet and fruity and just makes me feel awake and fresh. I've been applying the lotion in the mornings because of how nice the scent is and I can usually still smell it by tea time. The lotion has a thin consistently so a little goes a long way and this massive tube will last ages! Cranberries & Cream isn't a scent you see very often so I think this helped with the new and fresh scent. As for how my skin feels after using the lotion, I was left smelling amazing of course but also my skin felt soft after a few applications, I think because the product is thin it takes a little while to really soften the skin but overall the scent has really sold it to me and I'll be picking more of these up in Superdrug soon! 

First of all how cute is this wax melt and logo? The mermaid really pulled me in and then I opened the lid to be welcomed by a beautiful sweet-like scent. I've found that with wax melts like these I can just pop the lid and the scent fills the room without even melting it, of course when they are melted the scent is stronger and lasts a long time. Mermaid Bay Wax Melts are hand poured in Cardiff, made from 100% soy and are cruelty free. It's always nice to receive lifestyle products as well as beauty and skin care as it mixes the box up a little bit. I'd love to try more of these wax melts in the future.

A handbag sized hair spray is just what we need, weather it's for travelling, a night out or just a long day at work, this OSIS is from Schwarzkopf Professional and looks professional in my opinion. The black bottle has a very salon look to it or something you'd see at a hair show. The hairspray has a good strong hold when sprayed onto my hair, the mist is quite fine so took me while to get used to not spraying too much. It didn't leave any residue on my hair so you couldn't tell I was wearing hairspray. The spray did have that hairspray scent that can linger for quite a while though.

There’s a good mix of products this month and I really like the liquid highlight which was a new brand to me. I just can’t get over how good Dollibox actually is and for just £10.00 a month you get full sized products each month; totally worth it! 

If you wanna try Dollibox then sign up here using my referral link and discover some amazing brands and products each month! 

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