Look Fantastic Beauty Box - January 2017

February 14, 2017

I'm a huge fan of beauty boxes and love trying new subscription boxes every now and then. It's good to see the variety and I hope you all enjoy reading about a new box I've tried. In January Quidco (the cash back site) had an offer on with Look Fantastic and if you were a new customer you could get the full amount of the box back so I thought it was a good opportunity to sample the Look Fantastic Beauty Box and review the products. 

Look Fantastic are under The Hut Group company and offer a monthly beauty box for £15.00 a month or cheaper if you sign up for a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription. As I was using the Quidco offer I opted to just sign up to a monthly subscription. 

My box arrived 2 days after ordering and was actually dispatched a few hours after placing my order so this was amazing service! I was updated by email every step of the way too. 
The beauty box came in a postal box which kept the contents well protected, when I opened the postal box I was happy to see a copy of Elle Magazine and the Look Fantastic magazine lying on top of my box. Inside the box were 6 items which is amazing value for money, usually there are only 4-5 items in beauty boxes; 4 of these products are full size too. 

Pixi by Petra - Brow Tamer - RRP £12.00 - full size
I was so pleased to see a Pixi product in this box as I've never had to opportunity to try anything from this brand. So my first Pixi product is this clear Brow Tamer and everyone and anyone can use this product! Its a clear gel like product with a mascara wand applicator which tames your brows into shape and keeps them in shape all day long. I've used a product similar to this before so it's something I use regularly so it was great to compare them. I feel this Pixi product has a brilliant wand size which I can use easily to brush my brows up and out into my preferred style. The gel doesn't feel heavy on my brows and doesn't dry hard so I can't feel I'm wearing it which is of course a plus! I've been tooting on the Pixi website for other makeup bits to try next.

Jelly Pong Pong Fairy Lashes Mascara - RRP £17.95 - full size
I absolutely love receiving Jelly Pong Pong items in any beauty boxes, they're a brand that is often featured in sub-boxes and it's always full size items too. I am always impressed with the quality and results of all the JPP products I've tried. This Fairy Lashes mascara is another top product which enhances my lashes perfectly. I tend to stick to the same mascara but always enjoy trying new ones and I was happy with this product. The wand is a bristle style with a slight point at the end which helps to grab all the lower lashes. The product isn't sticky, thick or clumpy which makes this mascara a quality product, a couple of coats are needed to really enhance my lashes but this isn't an issue.

Trifle Cosmetics Liquid Glow - RRP £15.96 - full size
Trifle Cosmetics is another brand I enjoy seeing in my beauty boxes just like Jelly Pong Pong, these two brands are actually part of the same overall company. This liquid luminizer was a surprise as the product itself has a pinky tone to it. I was expecting the usual white/bronze glow in the highlight but was happy to see a pink shade as its something I'm lacking in my makeup collection. The luminizer has a cream like texture which blends beautifully and with only a small amount of product the top of my cheekbones was lit! I have a very pale skin tone so the pink shade is lovely and not too harsh although by adding a little more product you could build up the glow as much as you want, the cream isn't heavy so adding some more wouldn't make it uncomfortable to wear.

The Vintage Cosmetic Company Slanted Tweezers - RRP £8.00 - full size
This box just gets better and better, the brand selection is spot on and I received another favourite brand of mine. The Vintage Cosmetic Company is such an awesome brand with vintage style floral prints, lots of beauty tools and metallic pieces which all appeal to me and many others. Here we have a pair of rose gold slanted tweezers with the brands name printed on one side. Rose gold has become more and more popular so a lot of brands are creating pieces in this colour, I personally think these tweezers look pretty and will fit into any ones makeup collection. The tweezers have great plucking power, are easy to use and high quality.

NUXE Lotion Tonique Douce - 100ml RRP £9.00 - travel size
I've said it before in other posts that I have a love/hate relationship with NUXE products, theres no in-between for me. This Lotion Tonique Douce is a toning lotion with rose petals which gives the lotion a very intense scent. Unfortunately for me the floral smell is too much so I only used this product once to try it out. The toner is more of a liquid than an lotion in my opinion but it does remove makeup really well. I was impressed with the results and with how little product I needed to take off my full face of makeup. My skin was left feeling soft afterwards too but the scent really stuck around so this product just isn't for me. It won't go to waste as I will give this to a friend or my mum who will gladly use it up.

Briogeo Don't Despair Repair! - 236ml RRP £29.50 - sample size
Briogeo is a completely new brand to me, I've never heard of them. This Don't Despair Repair is a deep nourishing hair mask that's great for damaged and dry hair. Since bleaching my hair a few months ago I've been using hair treatments each week so this was a welcomed product however the scent of the hair mask isn't amazing. I used up the mask in one go and covered my hair with it after shampooing; the recommended time to leave the mask on for is 5-10 mins. I must admit my hair was left feeling soft and I could see how shiny my hair looked once it was dry so the hair mask was a success but I wish it smelt a little better maybe a fruity scent would be nice.

I am really happy with my first Look Fantastic box and am always looking to try new boxes. Receiving 4 full size products and 2 sample sizes makes this box so worth the money, I am happy with the 4 full size products too which all add up to more than the box price of £15.00. Look Fantastic have presented the beauty box well and the fact that it comes with a copy of Elle Magazine is an added bonus. I'd happily try the LF beauty box again!

If you'd like to try the LF Beauty box you can sign up to receive February's box here, it has a Runway theme and features 3 full size beauty treats and a copy of Elle.

What other sub-boxes do you think I should try guys? 

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