London Edge Trade Show February 2017

February 16, 2017

At the weekend I took a trip to London to visit London Edge trade show! I was so excited about this event especially after I wasn't able to attend the September show last year. 

London Edge is an alternative trade show where brands can exhibit their current and upcoming collections to potential buyers, customers and fans. I've followed Edge online for years, I used to watch YouTube videos from the show back in college; I was always inspired by what I saw so I was very happy I could finally attend. I think Edge is going to be a regular event for me now and I am already looking forward to the September show. 

I arrived at the Business Design Centre in Islington, London which is where the show was held, I picked up my press pass and headed straight in. The centre was filled with stands featuring everything alternative from fashion to beauty to accessories. I was a little overwhelmed at first but started walking around the stands and snapping photos as soon as I could. I met some other bloggers whilst there Jess (FOXXTAILZ), Rachel (rachelwarblog), Lucy (lucy_jlove) and Emilina (EmilinaLove) which was fabulous; we all headed around the show together checking out different brands and watched one of the catwalk shows too.

The catwalk show was amazing with some drama and acting added in, it wasn't just a fashion show! I loved the range of models they used, how energetic they all was and that they was smiling and enjoying themselves. Lots of brands were featured in the show including; Queen of Darkness, Lindy Bop, Collectif, Elements Rainwear, Hell Bunny and Dr Faust. I particularly liked the Lindy Bop and Hell Bunny dresses and the New Rock shoes the models were wearing. I had a pretty good seat for the show so managed to get some great shots. I really enjoyed taking these photographs, it's been ages since I shot a catwalk show. It's really inspired me to use my camera more and get out there to shoot.

There were some amazing brands exhibiting and quite a few caught my eye, I've got quite a bit of shopping to do once everyone's new collections launch. Manic Panic caught my eye straight away with the brightly coloured hair dyes and makeup. I've been wanting to change my hair colour to sliver/grey for some time so I'm currently in the process of lightening my hair using toners and purple shampoo. Manic Panic told me all about their hair dyes which are vegan and cruelty free and showed me their own take on sliver hair colour which is called blue steel; the guys also gave me a Virgin Snow - white toner to try out whilst I'm lightening my hair colour. (I'll be reviewing this separately)

Too Fast was exhibiting near the Manic Panic stand, they have a range of gothic and alternative style clothing including, hoodies, tees, vests, swimwear and sweats. They had come great pieces on show which I will be looking for when they launch, especially the cute cardigans. Librastyle are another brand I was impressed with, I particularly liked the printed tees and the different cuts on the tee's; these guys gave me an awesome sticker when I was at the stand too. Bullet69 are a wholesale accessories brand, Rajan on the stand was telling me all about how he makes the checkers himself and the inspiration behind them, it was interesting to hear the manufacturing process and style choices. Elements Rainwear was showcased on the catwalk and straight away I was in love, I've been on the look out for a new raincoat since I damaged mine at Download Fest last year. These raincoats are made in the UK by vintage machinery from Manchester which made them even more appealing to me being a northern gal. They had lots of styles to see including transparent, coloured transparent, dotty and metallic; I personally liked the purple transparent which was a vintage style fit. Fearless Illustration had some stunning clothing on their stand, I was taken back by the sheer shirt with an umbrella print on it. This is definitely a brand I'll be checking out more often from now on.

Of course there was lots and lots of other amazing brands at the show, some I wish I had spoken to and engaged with; Offend my eyes, Syd and Mallory and Collectif to mention a few. I hope these guys will be back in September at the next London Edge show. I can't possibly fit all my photographs in this one post so what your seeing here is just a spinet of my day at Edge. 

It was a super long day of train travel and being on my feet all day but man it was worth it! I had an absolute blast at London Edge, it's a shame I couldn't stay for the opening party because that looked like so much fun! I'll maybe plan that into my trip for the September show! I've been longing to attend Edge for years now so it was truly a wonderful experience as well as a top day and great to meet some other bloggers and make some connections. I left London feeling inspired and pumped to continue to work on my blog, opportunities like visiting London Edge wouldn't of happened without my blog. 

Thanks for having me London Edge and I shall see you in September!! 

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