The SpongeDry Stand from Basic Beauty Tools

February 09, 2017

I don't know about you but whenever I wash my beauty blenders I have no where to put them whilst they dry. They usually roll around on my window sill for a couple of days until fully dry. Until now... 

I came across Basic Beauty Tools over on Twitter and was very impressed with their product. They kindly offered to send me a Spongedry* stand to try out; I was chuffed to receive a purple stand (my favourite colour) and they sent me an extra blender* too, thank you! Basic Beauty Tools are a UK based company creating beauty tools to make our lives easier. The Spongedry is an innovative product that I'm surprised isn't already in every makeup lovers collection. 

Spongedry is a blender stand that is fully collapsible, easy to use and a useful tool. The stand sits all kinds of beauty blenders on it nicely and even comes with a foundation blender matching the stands colour or in an alternative colour whichever takes your fancy. The blender itself is a great shape for applying liquid foundation because it has a large flat side and the rounded edge is perfect for blending products in. It's quite a soft sponge but dense enough to last a while and washes nicely too. 

I particularly like that the stand let's air pass through the blender meaning drying time is less and because the stand is raised above the surface it's also more hygienic. Personally for me this is an excellent tool that has taken a permanent place on my dressing table, I now have an hygienic way to store and dry my blenders . It also means I can be using one blender and have one drying at the same time then switch them up easily as the drying time is shortened when using this stand. 

The Spongedry is really easy to use; the stand starts off collapsed and flat, you then place the stand onto a steady surface and using your finger push the stands legs down to spring up the stand; easy as that! To fold down just push the rings down and the stand becomes flat again. The stand is made from durable plastic which can be wiped clean with a damp cloth, this also helps to keep the stand/blenders hygienic. Within the Spongedry package is a small pouch to keep the stand in when not in use and for travelling with; BBT have thought of everything! 

I'm really impressed with the SpongeDry stand more so for the quicker drying time. It's also a lot neater and tidier to have my blender on a stand on my dresser instead of rolling around on my window sill. I could happily have a small collection of these stands so each of my blenders have a home.

The Spongedry is available in four different colours; purple, black, white and pink and with three different coloured blenders to choose from; black, purple and pink so you can pick your favourite colours or mix it up. The stand is priced at £14.99 including the blender and pouch and can be purchased on the BBT website here

So what do you think of the Spongedry stand???

*PR Sample - all thoughts are my own, see my disclaimer for further information

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