Kat Von D Beauty is hitting the UK - London Calling Mini Set review

September 09, 2016

Kat Von D is one of my idols, I admire her tattoo work, business woman skills, makeup skills and fashion sense. I first discovered Kat as a teenager when I was finding myself becoming interested in an alternative style and that included planning my tattoos for my future (none of which designs I've had inked except one). Kat was on Miami Ink so I watched that when ever I could and continued to follow her onto LA Ink, opening her art studio (Wonderland) next door to High Voltage tattoo shop, her clothing line and then of course beauty line too. She really is someone I admire!

Kat Von D Beauty is hard to get hold off in the UK, shipping costs from Sephora and US websites selling KvD Beauty is high; so unless you have an awesome friend overseas to send you products or a trip planned to America there isn't many options to get the brands products here. 

I unfortunately haven't been able to try any of KvD Beauty's products until now... Yes KvD Beauty is launching exclusively in Debenhams this October. When I heard the news not long ago I was so excited, I woke up early to watch the press release and interview with Kat through Debenhams Facebook page. Kat said she would be doing meet and greet at the launch in October too which I was over the moon about, I have the chance to meet my idol and maybe talk about makeup with her!!! 

Kat has put together a small "London Calling" makeup set to give us UKers a chance to see the brand, test the products and see the brands quality before the official launch. This set was available on Debenhams website for £19.50 and of course I ordered it straight away. I picked the set up using Debenhams click and collect service which was a smooth transaction and rushed home to try the mini set out. 

The box was themed with the KvD logo, product information and images of the products on the front with the London Calling set name featured too. Inside the box, the three mini products was wrapped in a piece black tissue paper which felt like opening a present to me, I was so excited to see the products in my hand and actually use the makeup. 

Kat put three of her best selling and favourite 'can't live without' products in the set; Tattoo Liner in 'Trooper' (satin black), Studded Kiss Lipstick in shade 'Lolita' (chestnut rose), and a Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in shade 'Double Dare' (cocoa blush). Both lipsticks shades would suit anyone which meant anyone could buy the set and have lipsticks to wear and love. Kat really did a good job with this mini set!

I personally was a little shocked at the size of the studded kiss lipstick, it's really tiny even for a mini product however the packaging is amazing!! It's just like a full size lipstick featuring a black studded case and KvD logo on the top which is has such an alternative feel to it and it's just rocking! I can totally feel Kat's alternative fashion vibe from this lipstick case. The shade is a rose deepish red that anyone can rock, its a shade that would suit any skin tone. I personally like this shade as an everyday lipstick because its not too in your face but still noticeable. The cream like formula applies smoothly on to my lips ands sits comfortably with its long-wear quality all day.

Receiving two lip products in the set was great for me as I'm becoming a true lipstick fan by wearing it on a daily basis. This Everlasting Liquid Lipstick has the best formula, it has a perfect matte finish once dried and applies easily and evenly with the wand included. The packaging again has that edgy look to it that screams Kat Von D, with the caps rose detail and KvD logo again on top of the lid. The bottle also has the brands text on the side in the unique font. Liquid lipstick products are what I use most when I'm going on a night out or to an event and I want maximum lipstick coverage and the longest wear possible. KvD's liquid lipstick dries leaving full coverage and its so long lasting I even had to put a little elbow grease in to remove it, I can't wait to try more shades when the brand launches here in the UK next month.

Eyeliner is something I use everyday and won't leave the house without it, so I was super excited to try this mini Tattoo Liner in the satin black shade Trooper. I don't tend to steer away from black liners as they work for any of my makeup looks. The tip is like a mini thin felt tip pen that is easily applied to my eyes; I was even able to follow Kat's video from the Debenhams Beauty Facebook page to create a simple winged liner look. This Tattoo liner reminds me of a calligraphy pen and I found it to be soft but dense enough to create a smooth deep black line with only one sweep across my eyelid. As for longevity I was impressed, the liner lasted throughout the day but did lighten in shade during the course of a hot day. Rose detail is on the liners packaging just like the liquid lipstick, the product name is in an alternative font with Kat tattoo stars around the text, I liked this little feature a lot being a fan of Kat's star tattoos on her face. 

I've photographed some swatches here but they really don't give the products justice, as you can see here though the lipstick shades are quite similar but different in textures. The tattoo liner can be used to create a small thin line or built up with pressure when applying or adding more layers creating a thicker eyeliner look.

The official launch details and countdown can be found on Debenhams website here and you can purchase the brands products from the 13th of September online and in the Debenhams store on Oxford Street, London from the 5th of October. I'm mega excited for the launch and can't to get my hands on some more of KvD's products and try the highly commended 'Lock It' foundation.

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  1. Love the lip colours but think I'll wait for the full size! I'm so annoyed I live so far away that there's no way I'll be able to pick up wristbands for the meet and greet but hope you do and post about it so I can read about it that way. x

    1. Thanks for reading my post lovely. I'm a good 2 hours away by train and can't get there until the day of the M&G so i'm in two mind to go try get a wristband on the day or not. I'm disappointed with how they handled the whole wristband situation now tbh :( - I'll definitely get a post up if I make it. Gem x

  2. Love this gorgeous post to the moon and back hunnie, Kat Von D is definitely one of my idols too, used to adore watching her on Miami and then LA ink. I love that she got you inspired by tattoos as I feel the same way; she inspired my take on tattoos and I got my three stars inked at 19 after getting hooked on seeing her at work ;) It's so amazing to see her own make-up line, and even more so that it's FINALLY going to be launching in the UK in October. It's gutting that the shipping costs are so high, especially where Sephora is concerned, so I'm glad we're going to be getting the goods in the not too distant future ;) London Calling is such a fab idea, so nice to sample and see products and give us a good, real-life inspection of the brand.
    The set looks so classy and stunning, I'm loving all the gorgeous red shades, the swatches are super beaut on you Gems! This set looks all the magical and roll on October <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

    1. I absolutely loved reading this comment beaut, I'm so happy she's one of your idols too; thats so awesome! <3 I have a star tattoo on my arm; it was my first tattoo. It's great to hear you have stars tattooed sweets :)

      I'm going to be stalking the Debenhams website the night before the online launch hehe.

      Thanks again for reading chick. Gems xx


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