New Naked Skin Colour Correcting Fluids from Urban Decay

September 10, 2016

Urban Decay have had a bucket load of product launches lately and theres even more to come; their celebrating their 20th birthday this year and this is one massive year long party of new products. Personally I'm loving all the new makeup and with each sneak peak I'm more and more giddy. 

UD launched these Colour Correcting Fluids to correct and blur flaws, illuminate your skin and to create a perfect base although, these products can be used under or on top of your foundation; there are 5 shades help to create that perfect look and each shade has a different super power. Here is a quick break down of what each shade is best used for...

Green - Reduces redness
Yellow - Corrects dullness 
Pink - Brightens dark areas 
Peach - Masks circles/spots
Lavender - Balances sallowness 

I've been sent 3 of the colour corrector fluids to try out, thank you very much UD. The shades I was sent are Lavender, Yellow and Peach; I also purchased the Pink shade on my recent visit to my local UD counter, you can read about my time on the counter here.

The colour correcting formula is based on the Naked Skin concealer so it's lightweight, blendable and long lasting. The packaging also looks a lot like the Naked Skin concealer but with a pearlescent coloured cap; the size of these products make them travel friendly and practical. You could easily find your chosen shade in your makeup bag because you can see the shade through the clear bottle. The cap is a twist off and includes a fixed 'brush like wand' that holds enough product, is soft enough to use around my delicate eye area and small enough to get into hard to reach places too. The wand is a great shape for applying small amounts by using the tip of the wand and for bigger applications using the full flat side of the wand to apply in sweeping motions. I have personally used the wand to dab the product onto my chosen area then used a sponge or brush to blend it in; I found a sponge worked best for me though. Each colour corrector has pearlescent pigments in the formula so the shades diffuse light giving a flawless look to your skin which is a extra bonus for any look. 

Lavender* - This lavender shade works best on skin tones with a yellow undertone because it helps to neutralise that yellowly colour. Along with this neutralising power lavender balances out any sallowness on the skin so this shade would be good for older looking skin. For me personally this is a shade I won't really use but I did find that when applying it on top of my foundation I was left with a subtle highlight and glow so for an everyday hightligher this works really well on my fair skin tone. 

Yellow* - To me this yellow colour corrector is a strong cover up, as in it blocks out anything underneath it on my skin tone. Yellow is great for hiding those dark purple circles we sometimes result in after a long night partying or what not; the shade conceals these purple tones easily. When your skin is lacking any brightness adding a little of this corrector to your primer and applying all over your face will add overall brightness which is great for everyone.

Peach* - Want to hide dark circles, dark spots, veins or any discolouration then the Peach shade is for you. It's a strong shade that masks these unwanted flaws on any skin tone but this colour corrector would work best on deeper skin tones. I found on my fair skin it was a little dark, even on covering dark circles but when used very lightly and in small, small amounts I was able to blend the product in enough for a good match. I'd particularly use this shade under my foundation to create an even base. 

Pink - Now this Pink shade is my absolute favourite from the whole collection of colour correctors, its so versatile. This shade is perfect on fairer skin tones like mine, to cover any dark circles but without the harshness or deep shade like the Peach corrector. On a recent visit to my local UD counter the MUA used this shade under my eyes and on top of my cheek bones and I was so impressed with the result that I had to buy it. I loved the highlight my eyes and cheeks had after the corrector had been applied, so of course this shade is awesome as a highlighter not only under my eyes but on any of my usual highlighting areas. I will be continuing to use this shade with my everyday makeup.

Green - I haven't tried this product personally but I did take a look at it when I was visiting the counter. The Green shade counteracts any redness from spots, blemishes, or broken blood vessels by applying directly to the area. If you have overall redness you can mix this shade with your primer and apply all over for an even colour correction. In the past I've used green colour correcting products on break out areas before applying my foundation.

All 5 colour correcting fluids are available now for £17.50 each and you can buy them from and on UD counters.

*PR Samples; all views and opinions are my own, see my disclaimer for more information. 

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  1. Oh these look lovely! Always on the look out for something to cover my dark circles and redness xx

    1. As you can see I'm impressed with these correctors esp the pink shade. :) Thanks so much for reading
      Gem x


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