Urban Decay's product launches September 2016

September 07, 2016

Yesterday I was invited to visit my local Urban Decay counter by the lovely Jade to see some of the new product launches from UD this month. I'd seen online which products had been released and was super excited to try the new All Nighter foundation especially. 

Jade was prepared when I got to the counter with some of the products laid out ready for me to take a look at. This included the new All Nighter Foundation and brand new makeup brushes. The makeup brushes looked gorgeous; I couldn't take my eyes off them! Jade gave me a run down of what each brush's purpose was and spoke to me about the new products that have launched this month.  
Recently when I've visited the counter it's been to check out new palettes or lipsticks so Jade said this was a nice change to do my complexion makeup this time.

Of course Jade sprayed UD's B6 Prep Spray before applying any foundation; B6 helps to prep the skin by absorbing excess oil, minimise the appearance of pores and for me personally cools my face. I brought a travel sized B6 a couple of weeks ago and have been using it everyday. 

The new All Nighter Liquid Foundation comes in 24 shades; Jade explained to me that the .5 shades are for cool and pink skin tones, .0 shades are best for yellow and golden warm tones and .25/.75 shades for neutral skin tones. This helped me understand choosing the correct shade for my skin tone, I think this information is really useful for anyone buying the new foundation and are unsure about the shade numbers but the counter staff are always there to help shade match so don't worry. 

My shade match was 1.5 which is different to my Naked Skin Foundatiom shade which is a 1.0; these All Nightrr foundations must be slightly lighter in colour than the Naked Skin. Straight away after Jade only applied a little of the foundation I could see a difference on my skin, the brush she used (flat optical blurring brush) provided full coverage and an amazing glow. All Nigher felt weightless on my skin and blended so so easily; it would take no effort at all on an early morning. I felt really good with just this on my face with no other makeup on. After trying this foundation out I am favouring this product to the Naked Skin more so because it's so weightless and leaves a matte finish on my skin. I'm adding a full review of the All Nighter foundation to my blog shortly so check back for that. 

UD released these Colour Correcting Fluids this month along with the foundation. There's 5 shades to choose from each with a different use that can add radiance, hide red spots/dark circles and brighten your skin tone to name a few. Jade used the Pink colour correcting fluid which helps to conceal dark circles and highlights the skin; this is a great shade on fairer skin tones. I will be reviewing these products in full in another blog post so keep an eye out for that. 

She applied the pink shade under my eyes and just on top on my cheek bones. The shade was dabbed onto my skin using the finger brush (we will come back to how fabulous this brush is later). The pink added an amazing highlight and glow to my face, I was super impressed with the result. Again this fluid felt lightweight on my skin and was easy to apply around my eye area. I was surprised at the result because I'd thought to only apply these correcter fluids before my foundation to create a base but they can be used on top of your makeup to add radiance/highlight and conceal too; another versatile product from UD.

Of course a little bronzer was needed to complete my complexion look so Jade contoured my cheeks with Beached Bronzer in shade sun-kissed. I haven't used any of UD's bronzing products before but did see these in the summer launch when I purchased my Aura highlighter which you can read about here. The bronzer added just enough contour to give my face more shape and define my cheeks; one of the new pro brushes was used again here. 

To complete the overall look Subversion lash primer was applied followed by Perversion black mascara which leaves a super black and intense long lash look. UD have also launched the Perversion Waterproof Fine-Point Eye Pen so Jade added some of this to my eyes too. The liner results was good leaving a super black shade behind from first application. The pointed felt tip on the free flowing pen makes application easy and enough product was applied on the first sweep. I did however have some imprint on my eye lid later on in the evening, yesterday was a hot day and I wasn't wearing anything isn't else on my eyes so that could of been the reason for this; I'll happily try this product again.

Now I thought I was super excited to see the new foundation the most but after arriving to the counter to see the new brushes; they was the highlight of my day! 

I do have a crazy love for makeup brushes and enjoy seeing new styles of brushes; these new Pro brushes are professional quality and cruelty free; they are also made from recycled aluminium. The Pro Finger Brush took my fancy straight away, Jade explained that this brush's use was meant to apply makeup everywhere you could apply product or would apply product with your finger; hence the finger brush name. The rounded top is dense yet still soft to touch and soft enough to apply makeup to delicate areas like around my eyes. The brush can be used to apply eyeshadow, lipstick and concealer plus lots more; it's just perfect. I feel like I don't need any other brushes! 

The complexion brushes I saw included the Pro Flat Optical Blurring Brush for full quick coverage, the Pro Optical Blurring Brush for building coverage and the Pro Contour Definition Brush for light everyday coverage and of course contouring. Although all these brushes have a preferred use but they can be used for other things too. I'd use the tapered brush to apply contour and blush and the optical blurring brush for powders. Your really not limited for what they can be used for. 

There was one other brush that Jade used yesterday and that was the new Pro Angled Brow Brush; she applied Brow Box powder in shade Brown Sugar to my brows in small swiping motions. The new brow brush is very thin and I like this because it gives you more room to play/apply product without over doing it or making mistakes. 

Everytime I visit my local Urban Decay counter in the Wigan Debenhams store; I am made to feel welcome, I'm provided with lots of useful information and have a fabulous time. 

On this occasion I purchased the pink colour correcting fluid after being so amazed at the results and I had to have the finger brush because it's just so versatile and unique that I couldn't not have it in my makeup brush collection. 

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