My new blog notebook from Quotebook Stadionery

July 31, 2015

A few Sunday's ago I joined in on my first blogger chat on Twitter. It was a lifestyle blog chat and I fully enjoyed it. I was very nervous to join but so glad I did. I gained some top tips, made some blogger Twitter friends and was given a discount code for a company on Etsy.  

The company is called 'Quotebook Stationery' they create small notebooks with quirky sentences on the front. After the blogger chat they tweeted for any blogger that would like a discount code, of course I tweeted them and went straight to look at there Etsy store, which you can see here. You can also follow the company on Twitter @thequotebookco

I found that a couple of notebooks I liked, including one saying 'I'll stop wearing black when they make a darker colour' and another saying 'Details of my zombie apocalypse team'.
I ended up buying the zombie themed one, because I'm a sucker for anything zombie related! 

My Quotebook arrived a few days after ordering and delivery was just £2.00. The book and little extras was packaged perfectly and was small enough to be pushed through my letterbox.

Also in the parcel was a lovely new pencil to start my Quotebook notes off with and an added extra of some alphabet sweets. 
This was a nice little gesture from them, thank you Quotebook Stationery. 

I also like how they personalised the parcel by writing my name on the business card. This shows to me that the company cares for its customers and wants to go that extra mile within their business. 

Here some extra photos of the front and back of the Quotebook... 

I'm very happy with the quality of the notebook and the size as it's easy to carry around and doesn't weight much. I'm going to use the Quotebook as a new blog notebook since my other is nearly full. 

So I guess I best 'Get writing' ...

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