Spectrum Collections Brushes

July 12, 2015

I finally did it, I ordered some Spectrum Collections Makeup Brushes!!

I've been admiring Spectrum Collections brushes for some time now after seeing the gorgeous brushes on Instagram and Twitter posts. The design of the brushes is fresh and bright in appearance. The brushes are vegan and animal friendly which is another appealing quality.

Currently on Spectrum's website (http://www.spectrumcollections.com) there is a sale on, so some brushes have money off. I ordered 4 brushes each priced around £2.49 to £3.49. I would of liked to of put the 'The Glam Clam' in my basket but at £59.99 this is out of my price range.

I recently brought a contour kit from Sleek Makeup (which can be seen here http://www.sleekmakeup.com/face-form-contour-light) so I wanted some contour brushes to use with that, Spectrum have a couple of contour brushes in different sizes. The 'Dome' contour brush was in the sale priced at £3.49 from £4.99. This brush is great for applying the contour makeup in lines then blending out creating the look you want.

Concealer is something that I wear everyday especially under my eyes, I've found applying this using a brush gives me a better finish. Spectrums 'Oval Concealer' brush was also in the sale at £2.49 reduced from £3.99. My current brush needed updating so this brush will take its place in my make up bag.

I'm a huge fan of eyeshadows; mixing and blending different colours on my eyes to make effective looks. Putting a darker shade on the crease of my eye is something I do regularly, Spectrums 'Precision Crease' brush is perfect for this. The brush is small enough to hold just enough eyeshadow and blend into the eye crease at ease. In the sale for just £1.99 from £3.99 which is a bargain for such a good quality brush.

Lastly I added the 'Stubby Shader' brush to my basket for just £2.49 which was £4.99 at full price; this brush had the most money off out of the 4 that I purchased. As I've just explained I like to use lots of different eyeshadows, a shader brush is helpful when shading in the lighter eyeshadow colours.

Delivery of the brushes was priced at £3.49 which was tracked delivery with MyHermes. I've had good experiences with MyHermes and this one was trouble-less as well. My parcel was tracked all the way to my door and the delivery man pushed it though the letterbox without disturbing me at 7.45am. I made my order on a Saturday and they was delivered on the Thursday which is a good delivery time.

The brushes was packed in a sliver padded envelope with a dispatch note, the brushes was well protected in the envelope. I had seen photos online of peoples orders coming in a small purple pouch.
I emailed Spectrum about this and had a reply to say they had ran out of stock during the sale.

I'm very happy with my new makeup brushes, I plan to purchase more brushes when I can in the future.

Have you guys got any Spectrum brushes? What do you think of them? Any other makeup brush brands that you like, let me know?

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