My first UNIF order!

June 29, 2015

UNIF was first introduced to me on Instagram, I saw a photo of the mid-stray dress and loved the brand from then. Safe to say I followed the brand on all social media platforms.

I've never ordered from the UNIF website. It is based in America so as well as the price of the items I would have to counter in the customs charge. However I received an email to say that they had a sale on and an extra 20% off the sale price with the discount code 'EXTRA20'. I thought it wouldn't hurt to take a look, I'm glad I did! The sale was already heavily discounted and with the extra 20% off it made the items affordable even with a customs charge.

I'd spotted the 'Bound Creepers' on Instagram when they was released but couldn't afford them so when I saw they was in the sale at $119.00, I had to have them. With the extra discount code they was $95.20. These Bound Creepers are made from 100% vegan leather and have a 2" inch foam flatform, trying on the creepers was easy with 2 buckles on each shoe and a comfortable insole. I can't wait to wear them!

Urban Outfitters sell some UNIF items including iPhone 5 cases at £25.00, which for me is a little too expensive for a phone case. In the UNIF sale the cases was $15.00 with the extra 20% off just $12.00. I ordered the 'Jesus Saves Case' because it makes perfect sense to me, as I may have a shopping problem (but don't we all).

Delivery was $15.00 which isn't too bad for a pair of shoes and another item, the DollsKill website (which Ives ordered from before) charge $10.00 for there international postage so the extra $5.00 was reasonable. Total price with both items, discount and delivery was $115.50 and in pounds that was £75.85.
My parcel arrived in under a week, 6 days to be precise!! Also no customs charge!!! Win!

The tracking from UNIF showed that the parcel was being delivered by Yodel when it arrived in the UK, this made me nervous. Yodel can be unpredictable however on this occasion my parcel arrived the day before expected on the tracking information. I have only one problem with my delivery and thats with Yodel; the box stunk of smoke! The delivery driver clearly had been smoking in the van or around the parcels! I had to throw the box straight out it was that bad.
Luckily my UNIF items didn't smell of smoke and the shoes came in a shoe box and each shoe was in its own dust bag, nice and safe. The phone case came protected in bubble wrap too.

UNIF also sent me a free sticker with my order which I will proudly place on my Mac cover :)

Here I've teamed the Bound Creepers with a pair of white socks to show all the details on the shoes!

I would defiantly order from the UNIF website again as it was a easy and pleasant transaction.


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  1. Do the buckles kill the sides of your feet? I have them as well and I can't wear them for very long. Digs into my foot.

    1. Super sorry for such a late reply, the comment got missed. Buckle are ok on my feet, I haven't wore them without socks though so maybe that might be why. Hope that helps.

  2. 6 days?? My order hasnt arrived and I ordered it exactly a month ago tomorrow


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