Festival Preparation

May 13, 2015

Are you going to a festival this year or thinking about it???

This post will help you on preparing for whichever festival you choose. This year my ticket is taking me to Download Festival, this will be my 3rd time at this festival and I've learned some top tips and tricks on my previous visits.

Choosing your festival - Depending on what music your into, will depend on which festival you choose, there's not much point in going to a festival to not watch any bands. Although theres plenty of other stuff to do over the weekend, festival tickets aren't cheap so pick one you really do want to go too. Festivals are a good way to see multiple bands over the weekend and if you add up how much a single gig ticket see each band would cost, your actually getting really good deal. Along with bands most festivals have lots of other events going on, including signing tents, parties, shopping stalls, wrestling and football games. Going with a group of friends is also a good tip, I've attended festivals with 2 or 3 in a group and others with 7+ and the more of you the merrier to be honest. After the music and events have stopped its good to sit around at camp and have a few bevvy's with your group.
Check out the line up and pick a festival of interest to you!

                                Poster Image from - http://downloadfestival.co.uk/lineup-poster

What to take? - Depending on what time of year your chosen festival is, will depend on what clothing to take but there are some items that you will need to take at any festival any time of year!
Baby wipes are your new best friend! Most festivals do have showers that you can use but lets face it most festival goers don't shower and even if you do your camping outside, so baby wipes are defiantly your new bestie! Download Festival starts on a Wednesday and we make our way home Monday morning so I take 3 packets of baby wipes which last me all weekend.
A Camping bag is the best thing I brought last year, they fit loads in and have extra straps and bands to attach more camping essentials to the outside of the bag. Camping bags are designed to be carried on long journeys so they are comfortable to wear even when heavy. Invest in a camping bag even if your only carrying it from the car to the camp, the opening queue can be long and you might be waiting with all your luggage, make sure your comfortable.
Wellington Boots/Walking boots, your going to be on your feet for most of the weekend either walking around or standing watching bands etc so make sure you got some comfortable boots/shoes to wear. Obversely wellington boots are good for when that grass gets muddy, even if it doesn't rain with everyone walking over the grass all weekend, it will get muddy.

                                 (Yes this was the mud at Download 2012, Fun Times :p)

Food, you can buy food from the stalls at the festival but this can be quite pricey so take some food with you, frozen burgers, sausage and sandwiches are great. With freezing anything you can (burgers, sausage) they will last longer when your at the festival. We take everything frozen in a cheap cooler bag with ice blocks in (pound shop ice blocks will do), and a disposable BBQ or small BBQ with coals and live of all our food until about Fri/Sat then start buying the festival food this saves us money too. Plus its fun to sit around the camp with a BBQ going and drinks.
Your Ticket/Any travel Tickets, you won't get far without your ticket into the festival. Wristbands at the opening gate of a festival are only given with a valid ticket. This is properly the obvious thing to take but I bet people have forgotten them. oops!
Other items like clothes for the weather, deodorant, other cosmetics, sleeping bags and a tent are obvious things so I won't write about these. What I will say is buy a tent with an inside lining, waking up in the morning with condensation on the tent dripping into your sleeping bag isn't nice at all. Don't buy a £10.00 tent and expect it to be comfortable all weekend.

What not to take? - I think all festivals have the same or similar rules when it comes to what not to take. Any glass bottles including alcohol and even make up aren't to be taken. I put all my alcohol into plastic 1litre water bottles and don't take any make up in glass bottles, instead of foundation take a bronzer or powder for the weekend. Any weapons aren't aloud obviously and laser pens are included in this list. Don't be taking your laptop or any items you don't want to be stolen, laptops and tablets won't fit in the campsite lockers, if the festival has them and leaving them in your tents isn't always safe, so leave them at home.
Top Tips -
1. Baby Wipes are your new bestie!
2. Make a list for what to pack before you start.
3. Take enough money to get you though the weekend and maybe some emergency money.
4. Plan your trip, travelling to a festival is the start of your weekend.
5. Freeze all food that is freezable.
6. Going with a group, make a Facebook group to discuss things and plan the festival.
7. Enjoy the weekend!

Travel arrangements - Most UK and European Festivals have coach companies that work along side them, so travelling by coach is a good option, its reliable, warm and usually direct from the pick up point, they also drop you off close to the entrance.
Train and public transport is another option if you don't have a car to travel in. This is where planning your trip can be beneficial. Buying train tickets in advance can be cheaper too.
Going by car is properly the nicer option especially if your not driving, but remember you will need to buy a parking ticket for the weekend at the festival. You can usually buy this when you buy your tickets.

Planning - Ive mentioned this a few times thought out the post but planning is really useful!!! Even if you only make a packing list or food list, it helps trust me!

Also I will be documenting my time at Download Festival on my blog as much as possible, so check back in June for those posts. Download is one of the first festivals of the year so it kicks of the festival season in my eyes.

Hope this post helps, especially those new festival goers.

Any questions you can tweet me at @5up3rk3tchup

Ketchup :)

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  1. Wow you're so lucky - you're going to have the best time! x


  2. I hope so! I have an advantage that I've been before but your 1st festival experience is always the best! Thanks for commenting- your my 1st comment on my blog :)


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