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June 28, 2015

A couple of weeks ago I received a new follower on Instagram from 'Misadventureshop' whenever I get new followers or likes I check out their profile. Misadventure Shop is a small business from North East England who sell home made jewellery and trinkets.

On Misadventureshop's Instagram I noticed that the store sold a 'Little Treasures goodie box' which had a selection of items in it worth up to £30.00 for only £13.00! Bargain I'd say!

-screenshot taken from Misadventure Shop Instagram- 

After looking through the shops Instagram, I went to the website at http://misadventureshop.co.uk and added a Little Treasures goodie box to my basket!

Looking through the website I spotted lots of other items to my taste, I also added the Pentagram Pendulum Necklace to my basket, this was priced at £8.00.

Back on Instagram, the store was running a discount code to get 50% off your whole order with the code 'JUNE15' which was a big discount.

Today I received my order which was packaged perfectly in a box and bubble wrap. The necklace was also in a small gift bag sealed with a branded sticker.

In the package was also some raffle tickets which at first I was a little confused about but looking further into Instagram, I found that with every pound you spend you get sent a raffle ticket and every month a raffle number is drawn and prizes are given out to the holder of the winning ticket.

In my Little Treasures goodie box I received a Ying Yang Trinket box, 2 long incense holders, 2 packets of incense (Black magic and Lavender) and a mini lucky Buddha. Overall for the price this is a great goodie box!! I can't recommend it enough! I've told all my friends :)

My favourite item in my whole order has to be the Ying Yang Trinket box! The shop sells them for £9.50 so to receive one in the goodie box I was really chuffed! 

I can see that this small business is at the beginning of its journey and with even small purchases the business will grow! I will defiantly be a returning customer!

Check out the store on http://misadventureshop.co.uk or the shops Instagram on 'misadventureshop'


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