The day my Instagram went crazy!

April 09, 2015

My first Instagram post was 155 weeks ago, it was a photo of a Monster Energy drink with no hashtags and a description saying "...The Dark Monster..." -shame-

I knew very little about Instagram at the time and even less about hashtags, safe to say I got no likes on this image or any others until 6 weeks later on an image of a pair of studded creepers. I'd used a horrible filter but used 3 hashtags!

My Insta's never blew up with followers or likes on any images, Ive been at a steady 150-190 followers and getting maybe 20 likes on a photo at most (with good hashtags of course) but just 1 week ago I posted this photo ...

My Instagram went crazy, I logged on about 6 hours after posting and saw this ...

I was so excited but didn't and still don't know what I did, the photo just went crazy! Likes and followers was consent for a few days, I gained 42 new followers, 16 comments and ended on 674 likes on the photo!

This may not be news to some people but I'm quite impressed from posting a simple photo of a t-shirt that was £4.00 in Primark it would get this much attention. I tested my hashtags out on another similar image a few days later and only got 30 likes on the photo.

What did I do? I don't know but I'm taking it as an achievement anyway!

Wanna check out my Instagram - click the logo image on my page or search 'zombiesdonteatketchup'

Ketchup PS Zombie Selfie's are cool, Right?

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