Bleading Marvelous Facebook Competition Win!

April 08, 2015

Bleading Marvelous is a great Facebook page who also have a eBay store and a Bigcartel site, they sell horror and alternative items from purses to jewellery to stickers. On the Facebook page they run loads and loads of awesome giveaways on a regular basis which are always easy to enter, they usually run on a like the page, like the post, share and comment entry, which we all know takes a minute or two and it's free so why wouldn't people enter.

On this one occasion I shared the post twice but on a previous competition the page was holding I was sharing the post daily as the prizes was a Breaking Bad theme set and I really really wanted to win however I didn't that time but from only sharing twice I won this comp along with 3 other winners. Yay!

This perciluar completion was called a Super Giveaway, there was 4 different prize sets. The Walking Dead, Tim Burton, Supernatural and Game of Thrones was the themes of the 4 prizes. I had my fingers crossed for either Tim Burton or Supernatural. 

When my name and the 3 other winners names were posted on Facebook the rules was that the 1st person to message the page had 1st choice and so on. Well since my friend called me to say check the post I was quick on the mark and messaged straight away and luckily I had 1st choice on the prizes. I was torn between 2 of the prize packs Tim Burton and Supernatural, I have been a fan of Tim Burton for years now and you all know I based my final project on him but I am a big fan of Supernatural at the minute as well so I was trying to quickly decide on which to pick. I re-looked at the prizes again and went for the Tim Burton set because I already have the Castiel Funko Pop and Dean Rep necklace so I would only have had the Castiel Autograph which was still amazingly awesome but I now have Tim Burtons Autograph instead!!! WOW!! I am very unlikely to ever meet Tim Burton but Misha Collins does come to some of the UK Supernatural Conventions so i have a chance to meet him and get an autograph then anyway. 

Along with Burtons autograph I also won a Jack Skellington Funko Pop and a Beetlejuice screen shot image, both this and the autograph came with certificates of autheniticently.

Here's some images of the prizes ...

I was also sent some Bleading Marvelous stickers and flyers! 

Loving the fact that it's an younger image of Tim Burton and it says "director of Batman" on it.

And here is the image that will go onto the a Bleading Marvelous Facebook page, the owner of the page asks winners to send a photograph of yourself and the prize to put in a folder on the page so viewers can see that real people win. Personally I think this is a great idea apart from me having to have my photo taken which I hate and you will probably see how uncomfortable I am in the photo. 

I just want to say another Thank You to the owner and the page that is a Bleading Marvelous, everyone should go over and check out the page, make sure you like the page and enter the competitions you may be the next winner! 

Ketchup PS I myself are strange and usual -Lydia, Beetlejuice-

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