Summer Vibes with Birchbox this August

August 29, 2019

Disclosure - This box was sent to me for a review. All thoughts/opinions/experiences are my own, see my disclaimer for more information. 

As most of you will know, I’ve been subscribed to Birchbox for over 3 years now and it’s been fun to discover new products, try new brands and collect the boxes. This month I was gifted a box to review on my blog and I’m over the moon that I’ve been able to work with Birchbox

If you haven’t heard of Birchbox before then let me explain. It’s a subscription box that’s sent out every month filled with a selection of items based on your beauty profile. All items are beauty related, there’s always 5 items minimum and sometimes an extra product. The boxes are now drawers so you can use these for storage, gift boxes or recycle them. All this for just £10.00 per month plus postage at £2.95. You’ll get your first box half price using my link here

Birchbox have put together a summer themed box this August, filled with 5 items, 3 are full size and there’s an awesome mix of brands. The box design reminds me of Aladdin and has that sundown feel, the drawer boxes are so handy for me as I use them as makeup storage; stacking a new one on top of the other each month. 

I love Anatomicals products and use them regularly plus they are often included in my monthly Birchboxes. This month I received the Strawberry Body Scrub; this was actually the product that subscribers were able to select prior to the box delivery. The other scent was Tropical Coconut which I'm sure would of been just as good as this Strawberry one. The strawberry scent is so fruity and reminds me of summer cocktails; strawberry is one of my favourite flavours. This Birchbox exclusive contains almond oil and glycerin which help to smooth and hydrate the skin whilst the apricot seed powder gently exfoliates leaving super soft and flake free skin. Most of all I love the scent of this product but my skin is buffed twice weekly with it now and feels soft soft soft!! 

This is a new brand for me so I was excited to try the shower gel for the first time. The scent is filled with coconut with a hint of Ylang Ylang, it kind of reminds me of conditioner; you know the one, when you can’t stop smelling your hair. I was pretty impressed when the scent hung around on my skin all day. The gel is not sticky and lathers up well either on my hands or on a wash sponge. Adding to the goodness of the product is that the bottle is made from 100% recycled materials and the product is Vegan! 

Another new brand for me, Absolute New York is an accessible beauty brand that’s also very affordable. This Rose Gold highlighter stick is not only easy to use, handy to apply on the go but also leaves a beautiful pink golden glow on my skin. The balm is creamy and blendable whilst still having the longevity of my high end branded highlighters. Pop this stick in your bag and be glowing all day long! 

NUXE is a brand I’ve used before, sampled products through Birchbox but not always had a good relationship with; some products worked for me and some products haven’t. Here we have the exfoliating and unifying mask and... I’ve actually loved using this. It’s not your average face mask, let me explain. So the texture is like a gentle exfoliator but you apply with your fingers like a mask (I like to apply in circular motions to get the best result), then leave for two minutes before washing off. It’s a mask that cleans, reduces dry skin, purifies and detoxify’s all in 2 minutes; you can do this in the morning without taking any time up. Top tip, apply before brushing your teeth, brush teeth whilst mask is on then rinse off, you’ve hardly used any extra time. 

If your skin needs a boost mid-day or awaking in the morning then this Balance Me Plumping mist can do that for you. I’ve used setting sprays and skin sprays in the past but never a spray with hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid helps to hydrate the skin adding moisture for a brighter skin look. Chamomile water is also included within this spray so as well as giving your skin a boost, your adding a soothing element that cares for the skin. I’ve been using this spray after my morning skin care routine for that final wake up call, I feel my skin looks fresher in the morning now and I actually look less tired. 10/10 would recommend! 

So if that’s not enough to convince you to sign up to Birchbox then how about a Benefit treat? Every Birchbox in September will include a Benefit Lip & Cheek Tint in either Posietint or Lovetint; you’ll be able to select which shade you receive too. 

Let me know if you sign up and which BeneTreat you pick? 

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