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January 03, 2019

Enter the world of the weird and wonderful Spectaculum Liverpool, a carnival for adults with games, prizes, booze and food. It’s a fresh idea for a night out, group event or even a date night; there is a kissing booth after-all.

In December I was lucky enough to be invited to a press evening at Spectaculum at Cains Brewery in Liverpool and I could not wait. Carnivals have always intrigued me so to spend an evening playing classic carnival games with fruity cocktails and fairground snacks was just amazing. The location of this attraction is perfect at Cains Brewery, there is lots of space, things to see and do plus its like a mini village of event spaces. Under the carnival tent of Spectaculum you’ll find themed booths with games a more, staff in character and it’s literally a whirlwind of amazement.

Photo courtesy of Spectaculum

The evening event was filled with press people, guests and bloggers and we were able to bring a plus one, my pal from work came with me after the over an hour long drive from Manchester in the rush hour traffic. Totally worth the drive though. We were greeted upon arrival after entering at the back of the attraction but don’t worry I got to see the fabulous entrance on my way out. We were invited to grab a cocktail, some snacks and play all the games we could and just enjoy our evening. I saw a couple of blogger friends whilst there too so got to enjoy the evening with them too.

Photo courtesy of Spectaculum

Carnival games include; Ring Toss, Tin Can Alley, Hook-A-Duck, Strongman, Coconut Shy, Passé Boule and my favourite Beat the Buzzer. I actually made it onto the leader board on Beat the Buzzer and won some prize tickets. Just like in old-school carnival games there were prizes to be won, beating the games and winning meant we were given tickets which you can swap for prize’s at the prize desk. Baring in mind the prizes were definitely adult themed in some and there were some arcade mini prizes like finger traps, pens and cards as well. However I went with a balloon branded with the word ‘Wanker’ because were else would you find one of these?

Between us we won 8 tickets which we spilt between us for prizes and my work pal won a mini rubber ducky on the Hook-A-Duck which has resided in my car. As well as games, prize’s, cocktails and food we were treated to a performance from ‘Twisted Tubes’ which were a delight to watch plus added much to the theme of the attraction.

With the staff playing along it really made it a fully immersed attraction which is nothing of its kind as far as I’m aware of, the North has it’s very own weird and wonderful Carnival for us all to explore, enjoy and experience every Thursday to Sunday from 6pm TIL 11pm (opening time is from 12pm on Saturdays and Sundays)

So... who wants to visit Spectaculum? I’m thinking of celebrating my Birthday there next month.

Photo courtesy of Spectaculum

Photo courtesy of Spectaculum

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