A Natural Deodorant that works from Ben and Anna*

April 29, 2018

The beauty world isn’t just made up of makeup products and although us bloggers talk about skin care and hair care as well we don’t mention hygiene products all that much. Deodorant is an everyday essential and finding a product that works can be difficult.

Recently I’ve been using this Ben and Anna Natural Soda Deodorant* that I was sent to sample. In the past I’ve used the same deodorant as I would react badly to some brands so once I found one that worked for me I stuck with it. I’ve been using the same brand for years now but wanted to move to a natural product and one that is cruelty free. 

Ben and Anna are a strict Vegan couple who choose products they use wisely to fit in with their lifestyle choices. They put their trust in natural products and always purchase from sustainable and/or organic sources were possible. They struggled to find a natural deodorant that was cruelty free and also aluminium free so they decided to create their own product that would work well for them. Ben and Anna's soda deodorants are based solely on natural ingredients, free of parabens and is unisex all whilst being cruelty free of course. Every ingredient in the deodorant is also Vegan!

Using this Vanilla Orchid soda deodorant* took a little while to get used too, the product is said to work best if you apply just after a shower whilst your arm pits are still a little damp. Of course if you aren’t applying straight after a shower, you can run the stick under the tap then apply. I actually found that running the stick under the tap then applying worked best for me and fitted around my routine much better. The stick applies cleanly, smoothly with no pulling and doesn’t leave any white residue. Applying once in the morning kept me fresh all day although if I was heading out during the evening I would reapply just as I would with my regular deodorant. The Bicarbonate ingredient reduces odour effectively and the Arrowroot extract keeps armpits free of wetness throughout the day. 

I’m super happy I choose to sample the vanilla orchid scent as vanilla is one of my favourite scents especially in beauty products. Other scents are available in the range; Persian Lime, Pink Grapefruit and Provence to name a few. These are all available on their website here along with other products they have created; a natural hair remover and deodorant sticks in paper packaging.

I’ve definitely found my new natural and cruelty free deodorant and maybe I'll try another scent when I need another stick; I quite like the sound of the Persian Lime.

What sort of natural products do you use? 

*PR Sample - all thoughts/opinions are my own, see my disclaimer for more information. 

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