Beauty tool stocking fillers 2017*

November 26, 2017

Do you have a beauty lover to buy for this Christmas? Are you struggling on what to buy them or what small stocking fillers to wrap up? Being a beauty fan myself I've put together my top 5 beauty tool stocking fillers for 2017. Some of these items I've had for a while now but I'd be happy to find any of them in my stocking this Christmas!

Every beauty lover should have one of these nifty little tools, the Brow Shaper can shape brows, trim them and trim your upper lip too. I have to say at first I was a little apprehensive about using this tool as it does look like a small blade but it’s made safely and is really easy use. I was able to shape and trim my brows which makes tidying them up so much easier than plucking them. I particularly liked using the tool on my upper lip, it got rid of all the visible hair and my skin felt very smooth afterwards; this saves me waxing or paying or a wax every few weeks. A perfectly handy tool for everyone and it’s a time saver too! 

Wearable nail polish holder from Tweexy* - £14.99 (currently on sale at £7.99 25/11/17)
I wouldn’t be without my Tweexy nowadays, I can apply nail polish wherever without the risk of spilling any polish! Tweexy holds any size of nail polish bottle and fits onto your fingers, holding the bottle in a handy place without any spills. I received this last year and I’m still using it all the time so I’m confident it would make an awesome stocking filler this Christmas. It’s available in many different colours including a glittery style, my favourite is the purple though. Read my full review here.

SpongeDry from Basic Beauty Tools* - £14.99 (currently on sale at £8.99 25/11/17)
Where do you keep your beauty blender? Mine used to roll around the window sill after washing it but now it has its very own place. The SpongeDry is a small stand for your blender, it fits most sizes/styles of blender and because of the design it lets the blender dry fully in a more hygienic way. Not only is the stand perfect for at home but you can also travel with it as it comes with a carry case and the stand folds flat, it doesn’t get much better than this. I’d be super happy to find a SpongeDry in my stocking on Christmas Day! Read my full review here.

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Primark Makeup Brush Dryer Rack - £4.00
After the dreaded makeup brush washing and the tedious amount of time it takes, you gotta find somewhere to let them dry. I’ve found this makeup brush stand in Primark for only £4.00 and now I can store my clean makeup brushes upside to dry and I can place the stand anywhere. I actually believe my brushes dry a little faster now and dry better, you should always dry your brushes upside down if possible so none of the excess water gets on the brush handle. For only £4.00 this will be a investment and a cheap stocking filler! 

Spectrum Collections Shell Brush Cleaner - bought at a show
Sticking with the brush cleaning theme, before allowing them to dry you got to actually wash them. Having a brush cleaner like this one to hand can speed up the brush washing time and you get cleaner brushes. Spectrum are one of my favourite brands ever and my fave makeup brush brand so I couldn’t help picking up these brush cleaner a while ago and I’d be happy to see one in my stocking this year. The design of the shell cleaner means you can place it on top of your fingers then using your preferred brush cleaner rub your brushes across the pattern to lift any excess makeup and dirt from the brushes, do this again with warm running water then squeeze out the water; job done! 

I hope this post gives you some stocking filler ideas for every beauty fan out there even if you don't buy these products, you now have some inspiration at least. Have you got any other present ideas, let me know in the comments? I've got another gift guide coming up shortly too featuring some bigger present ideas so check back for that.

*PR Samples - all thoughts/comments are my own, see my disclaimer for more information. 

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