Can Dollibox get any better? September 2017 box review

September 24, 2017

I know I've been saying each month that Dollibox gets better and better and I'm going to say it again! September's box has really really really impressed me and I was so giddy lifting each item out the box! I'm blown away by all the items, four of which are full size, there's a mini size product and a snack included too! All this for £10.00 a box is amazing value for money! I'd recommend everyone to sign up... you can use my referral link if you like too :)

I actually met the Little Ondine team at London Edge at the beginning of the month, at the show I was amazed by their nail polish. The polish has no scent so is fully odour free which is great for a polish, the chemical scent that usually comes with a nail polish can be over powering for me. Not only is this polish quick drying, you can also peel it off when you want a change! Yes I said peel off! Little Ondine lasts around 3-4 days then you can peel off easily and apply again, so easy, so convenient and so amazing!!! Think I need some more shades now. 

I really like this brand for the packaging alone, the simple yet fun and witty packaging really appeals to me. I think it has a young feel to it and the information on the box is always helpful. This lip balm is cherry flavoured and smells beautiful, so fruity and fresh! The balm is free from parabens and full of natural ingredients so it's super nice to the world and environment too! For under £3.00 it's a really good product that will be taking a place in my handbag. 

First off, how awesome is this packaging? With the hand drawn style sticker, it has a sailor/nautical theme to it which I really like. The dry skin balm itself is vegan and has only 5 ingredients which are listed on the back of the tin. I was super happy to find an orange and vanilla scented balm in my box as we all know vanilla is one of my favourite scents! The balm goes a very long way, rubbing a small amount between my fingers turns it into an oil like texture so really does go a long way, this tin will last me ages! I've found the Fairypants Instagram page and I am loving the look of all there products! I'll definitely be trying some more of their products in the future! 

Who doesn't love a bit of glitter? Halloween is next month too so adding a new glitter to my makeup box will surely come in handy although it doesn't have to be Hallows for me to wear a bit of glitter. This pressed glitter came in a separate pan but a single shadow case was also inside my Dollibox. The texture of the glitter is just as you'd imagine, a wet brush is better to apply this with but the glitter does disperse evenly when your apply with your fingers too. With a eyeshadow primer the shade is sparkling and bright! Glitter eyes is an UK brand with a range of glitter makeup products like this pressed glitter single, sparkle pots and glitter kits! There also 100% Vegan and fully cruelty free too!

Schwarzkopf are a brand I use quite often and I use micellar water very regularly. It been good to sample a hair product with micellar cleansing elements! My hair has its moments and sometimes needs some TLC, I always leave my conditioners on for a few minutes to get a good result. This cleansing conditioner smells beautiful and the scent stays on my hair for a good while after using it, the product keeps the natural oils in my hair and doesn't strip them from my hair in any way. It was interesting to find out what micellar can do for my hair after having such good results with it on my skin. (I use micellar water to remove my makeup) I do however feel that it's a little expensive for a hair product and I wouldn't normally spend this sort of money on a conditioner. 

An extra item in the box this month in the form of a foodie item and a tasty treat. This fair trade popcorn tasted delicious, the toffee/caramel flavour was a real treat. I love it when subscription boxes add little extras like this and a food item is always welcomed!

October is my last of the 6 month subscription I have with Dollibox but I've already decided to sub for another 6 months so you'll all be seeing Dollibox on my blog monthly for the foreseeable future! I can't wait for my next box, let's see if it can trump the September box!


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