Products I've used up in January 2017 - Empties post

February 03, 2017

I've made it my mission for 2017 to use up as many of my beauty products that I can. I've decided to write a blog post at the end of each month telling you what I've used up.

I will be talking about each product, my experience with it, reviewing the item and if I would repurchase it. I hope this is something you can enjoy reading each month and maybe it will inspire you to use up some beauty products that your hoarding at home.

Benefit It's Potent Eye Cream
Benefit is a favourite brand of mine especially their make up line but I have received quite a few samples and deluxe mini products from their skin care range. This deluxe It's Potent eye cream has lasted me around 2 months since I only use a small amount on my eye area. In January I upped my skin care routine as to be honest with you I didn't have much of a routine before; I would sometimes use products but not everyday. I've been using this Benefit eye cream every night in January before applying my night cream and it leaves my eye area feeling very smooth. This cream is known to brighten under eyes so would be good to use in the morning also but I've not put together a morning skin care routine yet; I am working on it! The cream isn't too thick so smooths onto my eye area nicely, it's not harsh either so doesn't affect my eyes in any way. I apply it all around my eye area including under my eyes, eye lids and up through my brows. I have got a couple little packets of this cream to use up as well so I'm going to transfer them into this little pot as the packets don't seal back up. This is something I will purchase full size once all my samples are gone.

Elemis Hydra-Nourish Night Cream
Night cream is something I've started to use every night as I've said above I've upped my evening skin care routine. I received this sample in a beauty box and had used it a couple of times but not consistently until January. I always thought Night creams were really thick and would weigh my skin down but I was pleasantly surprised with this Elemis cream. Although it is thicker than a regular day cream it's not over the top and blends onto my skin easily. I apply this after my eye cream above and apply it all over my face and neck; only a small amount is needed because it blends so easily. The cream doesn't really have a scent to it but this isn't an issue as I'm only going to bed in it. I like how the cream has softened my skin in just one month, I've never had a full skin care routine so I think my skin lacked moisture and softness. I would highly recommend this Elemis cream!

Gatineau Gentle Eye Makeup Remover
This Gatineau makeup remover was in a blogger event goodie bag and I'd never heard of the brand until then. I regularly use Micellar water to remove my makeup and my skin works well with it. This water had a peculiar smell to it which wasn't like any water I'd used before, this did slightly put me off but the effectiveness of the products was spot on. It had no trouble removing any of my makeup including heavy glitter eyeshadow and mascara. The remover does have a cooling effect on my eyes which adds to the smoothness of them. I don't think I would repurchase this remover due to the scent of it as I much prefer Garnier's Micellar Water's scent which also has a much cheaper price tag.

Benefit They're Real Mascara
I have another Benefit item that's empty this month, this being one of my favourite mascara's the 'They're Real' mascara in shade black. I got this mascara last February for my Birthday and have been using it with my other favourite mascaras so it's lasted a lot longer than it would of if I'd used it everyday. The wand really lifts my lashes and applies a healthy coat of product with just one stroke. The shape of the wand makes applying the mascara on the bottom of my lashes so easy as I can use the tip of wand and brush along my lower lashes. The mascara effect is a fake lash and I'd have to agree it does leave my lashes looking fabulous and full. I've already repurchased this mascara as I can't live without it!

LUSH Beautiful Shower Gel
This shower gel was actually in a Christmas set from 2015 that I purchased during the Boxing Day sale that year. I've been working my way through my Lush stash for some time and still feel I have loads to get through. I think a lot of us have this problem though, haha! I will admit this isn't my favourite shower gel from Lush but it grew on me a lot. The scent is fresh and uplifting and great for your morning shower; it has quite a fruity smell to it with the apricot and peach ingredients. The yellow coloured shower gel lathers up well with only a small amount just like most of LUSH's shower gels. I would repurchase this shower gel but I at the moment I have a lot of body washes/gels to get through and I am a woman on a mission this year!! 

So that's it for this month, I've got lots to get through from makeup to shampoo to body butter so check back each month to see what I've been using. I'm pretty pleased with myself that I've got through this lot and have only repurchased one of them, My aim to not buy anything new until I actually have none of a certain product left so as it stands at the moment we have a long way to go this year. 

Let me know in the comments what products you've used up this month... 

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