Urban Decays Moondust + UD XX Vice Ltd Reloaded palettes launch @ UD Wigan, Debenhams

August 07, 2016

Last Thursday the 4th of August Urban Decay launched two awesome palettes, one that's exclusive to Debenhams. One of the two palettes is the Moondust palette which I have been really looking forward to getting my hands on. The exclusive to Debenhams palette is the UD XX Vice Ltd Reloaded palette that has shades that span from UD's 20 year history.

Jade from the Wigan UD counter in Debenhams invited me to check out the palettes and have a play with the shades on launch day. I was super excited to see the Moondust palette especially; I arrived after dinner at 1pm and the Moondust palette had already sold out!! I'm not surprised because the hype around this palette was huge online. Jade decided to just have play with the shades and see where we got with them, she used both palettes and some extra UD products on my eyes and even used one of the moondust shades on top of my lipstick.

Firstly Jade used UD's B6 Vitamin-infused complexion Prep Spray £23.00, this is a product I've not heard much about, Jade told me its more of a skin care than a primer when I asked, it preps the skin by absorbing excess oil, minimising pores and reducing redness. I really liked this product on my first impressions and its definitely on the wish list now. Moving on to the purpose of my visit to see the palettes at work, Jade used the new Vice palette first after applying my favourite eye primer the Primer Potion £16.00 to hold any eye products in place.

The UD XX Vice Ltd Reloaded palette £43.00 is made up of 20 shades including vintage and current collection shades all of which make up the perfect palette; theres 5 vintage shades, 5 exclusive shades from past palettes, 7 best sellers from the current collections of single eyeshadows and 3 totally NEW shades. All these shades make creating different looks easy weather its a neutral look or a smokey eye or or even some experimentation with some brighter colours; this palette has it all.

As a base shade Jade applied 'Roadstripe' all over my eye lids focusing on the inside corner, this shade is one of my favourites in the whole palette; it's a iridescent white ice blue colour which is just magical and I've seen nothing like it before. Two purple shades was applied next which I loved because I'm a sucker for anything purple; 'Freakshow' is a satin bright purple shade and 'Asphyxia' is a hyacinth shimmer with a blue shift. Jade applied both of these shades from the outer edge of my eye working them into the crease and also applying them under my bottom lashes. My eyes looked great with just these shades on but we didn't stop there...

Que the Moondust palette £35.00, made up of 8 NEW moondust shades that sparkle, glitter and twinkle like nothing before. Enclosed in a sparkly gun-metal case with mirrored cut-out text on the lid and a full sized mirror on the inside of the lid for applications on the move. This anniversary palette is really special and can create fabulous and sleek glitter filled looks.

'Specter' the lightest shade in the moondust palette was applied first on the inside corner of my eyes, fading into an ombré look. Being the lightest shade in the palette it certainly isn't my favourite, I prefer the brighter shades but for the look we was going for it worked perfectly adding sparkle to the inside corner of my eyes. Jade applied the shade 'Magnetic' all over my lids, this is the purple shade in the palette so matched the purple shades used from the Vice palette; this was applied from the outer corners moving inwards. Just like the purple shades in the Vice palette this Magnetic shade was added to under my bottom lashes as well, creating a sparkly all over look. I was really happy with the application of the moondust shades, they didn't feel heavy on my eyes and did leave a full glitter look with only a little product used.

To add to the glitter filled look Jade decided to use some of the Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner's £14.00 to intensify the look we was going for. 'ACDC' is the purple shade in the Heavy Metal collection so worked well with the shades Jade had used on my eyes. 'JunkShow' is an intense pink/purple liner which makes any look pop; I really loved this shade. I've never used these gel liners before so was apprehensive at first thinking they would be heavy on my eyes but wearing them on my lids was just like eyeshadow once they had settled on to my skin. Jade did apply some under my bottom lashes as well just like she did with the eyeshadows.

My eyes wouldn't of been finished without some mascara of course so Jade used lashings of 'Subversion' £15.50 to prime my lashes before adding 'Perversion' £17.50 to complete the look. I have this mascara already and use it often, it provides a full, dark black and bigger lash look.

Jade couldn't let me leave the counter without completing the full face look with a lipstick, UD's 100 Vice lipstick collection has so much choice. We went for a purple shade from the sheer shimmer range in shade 'Seismic'. 'Speedball' lipliner was applied first, this added a slight ombré look in my opinion as this liner had a more pinky tone to it than the purple Seismic lipstick. Over the top of both the liner and lipstick Jade finished the lip look off with a press of the 'Magnetic' shade from the Moondust palette on the bulk of the lip. Adding this glitter shadow gave my lips a unique look which matched my eyes really well.

The whole look was set with All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Settling Spray £22.00 which is another favourite product of mine because it actually works. I've used a couple of settling sprays as well as this one in the past and never had such good results as when I've used this UD settling spray.
Here's the completed look...

Each time I go to the UD counter in Wigan I have an awesome time, Jade is always friendly and informative which is great for when I have questions on products and makeup looks; she's also an amazing MUA. The counter is always very presentable too with the makeup stands all clean and tidy. I'm sure I'll be back for the next product launches in Autumn including the Razor Sharp Liquid Eyeliners and All Nighter Foundation. I can't wait!!! You can give the Wigan counter a like on Facebook here and keep up with their updates.

I will be reviewing the UD XX Vice Ltd Reloaded palette in full on my blog soon so check back for that post shortly, I'll update my social channels when that post goes live. Once the Moondust palette is back in stock on the counter and I pick one up, I'll be reviewing that in full as well.

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