Urban Decays Vice Ltd Reloaded XX Palette - Exclusive to Debenehams

August 16, 2016

Urban Decay are celebrating their 20th birthday this year and having a massive product launch blowout. This ultra limited edition UDXX Vice Ltd Reloaded palette which is exclusive to Debenhams is part of UD's celebrations. The palette is filled with 20 (XX) amazing shades of eyeshadow that spans UD's 20 year history and an iconic Vice Ltd case with a revamp.

UD have brought back their Vice Ltd case but this time have changed the colour to black and added a purple jewelled UD icon on top of the case, this adds an exclusive feel to the palette in my opinion and looks very sleek and fashionable; its another palette for my dressing table. The palette has a button closure that opens the spring loaded lid beautifully, I love this design feature and the spring loaded lid stops the palette closing and holds the oversized mirror under the lid in place for on the move applications.

Of course UD have included a double-ended brush to use with all the eyeshadows, I particularity like this brush, the bigger softer brush end is great for applying base shades all over my eye-lids. The other end of the brush is more dense and stubby making it perfect to apply eyeshadow in the crease of my eye and under my bottom lashes.

XX Vice includes 20 shades to create different looks for anyone; you can experiment with colours, add a smokey eye or keep your look neutral. This palette has shades for every eye look and with each eyeshadow featuring UD's Pigment Infusion System you'll have; rich colour, blendability, a velvety texture and all day long staying power, seriously with all my UD eyeshadows I get amazing staying power that doesn't budge all day; even on hotter days. I do always use my Primer Potion before applying any eyeshadow and this helps to create a base and helps keep my eyeshadow in place.

As I have said above this Vice Ltd Reloaded palette includes 20 shades that span from UD's 20 year history. There are five vintage shades including; Gash, Acid Rain and UV-B, three totally NEW shades, five exclusives from past palettes (like Vice, Vice Ltd and Book of Shadows II) and seven best-sellers from the current collection of single eyeshadows.

Shades Suspend (greige-brown matte), Oil Stick (black matte with sliver micro glitter), Roadstripe (iridescent white with blue-violet shift), Gash (metallic brick red) and Midnight Cowboy (pink champagne shimmer with sliver glitter) make up the top row which are a great mix of shades. Roadstripe is one of my favourite shades in the whole palette, I just love the colour and how it looks so different in the palette to when being worn. This is a discontinued shade that I really hope they bring out as a single again because I'm going to run out of this shade pretty quickly. I personally use Roadstripe on the inner corner of my eyes to highlight and it works so well; when different light hits my eyes you can see the blue shift which is just magical. Suspend is one of the three new shades in the palette, its a brownish matte shade that would fit perfectly into a Naked palette so it's great for if your going for a neutral look.

The second row features 501 (deep metallic blue with copper micro-glitter), Shallow (pale taupe-sliver satin), Laced (pinky-taupe matte), Hot Pants (pearly medium pink) and Mildew (deep metallic green shimmer). 501 and Shallow are two totally new shades, 501 is an amazing metallic blue shade that creates a bold look and has an 80's feel to it. Mildew is another favourite shade of mine and is available as a single eyeshadow which I will be purchasing once I've used this pan up; I love the metallic green shade because it shimmers when being worn.

In the third row there are some brighter shades including; Smog (deep coppery bronze shimmer), Misdemeanour (deep olive matte with green micro-shimmer), Freakshow (bright purple satin), Asphyxia (hyacinth shimmer with blue shift) and Acid Rain (pale yellow-green shimmer with green shift). There are two purple shades which is an instant win for me being the biggest purple fan, Freakshow is a bright purple with a satin texture which is amazingly blendable and Asphyxia is a shimmer purple with a hint of blue included; this is a great base shade and works so well with Freakshow. Smog the coppery shade in the first pan of the row is an unique shade, I think this will be a popular autumn shade especially with the bronze shimmer.

Moonflower (metallic rose-gold with gold micro-shimmer), UV-B (bright blue with violet shift), Goldmine (bright metallic gold), Twice Baked (rich brown satin with gold micro-glitter) and Anonymous (pale peachy cream matte) are all featured on the bottom row. UV-B is a super bright blue shade thats part of the vintage shades in this palette; its an old favourite. I love how many looks you can create with this shade because blue tones work really well with many different base shades. Twice Baked is another shade that I could see in a Naked palette, its darker than Suspend but would work well with it to create a neutral smokey eye. I have to talk about Goldmine because its so pigmented and bold. I'm not a fan of anything gold coloured but this eyeshadow is in another world of its own, the metallic element makes the shade shimmer and glitter creating such a glamorous result. I'll be using this shade a lot over the coming months.

As usual with any eyeshadows from UD the pigmentation is excellent and some of the older/vintage shades have been re-folumated with the Pigment Infusion System for the first time. Adding the cult favourites, vintage and new shades into one collection makes this palette perfect for everyone, literally everyone will find shades to love and work with.

The UD XX Vice Ltd Reloaded palette is available exclusively at Debenhams here and online at urbandecay.co.uk here and is priced at £43.00. I'd be quick though because this is a limited edition palette that won't be around for long.

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  1. Ahh, when I went past the UD display whilst shopping at Bluewater yesterday I thought of you and your magical self Gem ;) Such a gorgeous review and post; you're a total Urban Decay queen and the most majestic model of their beautiful, whimsical products, you're always looking so gorge in the shades you wear, especially purple hues, so I can imagine you'll look absolutely stunning in all of these badass babes of shades. I love the jewelled addition to the palette, it definitely adds a real touch of magic and looks so divine and stand-out. So many promisingly stunning shades, I'm loving the collection and variety. Beautiful! <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

    1. Thanks so much doll! The jewelled case is something special isn't it?
      Your kind words and comments are always so welcoming to me and I can't thank you enough for reading and leaving me comments! Your such a darling! Gem xx

  2. Wow look at all those pretty shades! I like that they're not too flashy/bright!


    1. There's shades in this palette for everyone no matter what eye shadow looks you prefer. It's a good all round palette.
      Thanks so much for reading. Gem


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